Our prices

Pick&Pack (+ package cost and shipping cost)PriceValue
For first item in order$2.00per item
Additional item in order$0.50per item
FBA prep, qty.PriceValue
from 5001 units/order$0.40per unit
1001-5000 units/order$0.50per unit
101-1000 units/order$0.60per unit
51-100 units/order$0.80per unit
1-50 units/order$40per order
Additional servicesPriceValue
Custom work request$40.00per hour
Photo$5.00per 3 photos
from 50 boxes$4.00per box
up to 50 boxes$5.00per box
Shipping by pallets$25.00per pallet
Removal Orders, qty.PriceValue
from 1001 units$0.80per unit
up to 1000 units$1.00per unit
Buyout (Wholesale / Retail Companies)Fee
$300.00 – $1000.005%
from $1001.004%
Return ordersPriceValue
Receiving and visual inspection$3.00per unit
Container 53′$600.00per container
Container 40′$450.00per container
Container 20′$200.00per container
Pallet$10.00per pallet
Pallet$25.00per month