10 Pixar Films Ideal for Disney+ Series

  1. Toy Story: A series that explores the adventures of the toys when Andy is away at college, focusing on their efforts to adapt to their new life with Bonnie.
  2. Monsters, Inc.: Set in the laugh factory, it could delve into the daily lives of Mike and Sulley as they try to power Monstropolis with laughter.
  3. Inside Out: Each episode could explore a new character’s mind, diving deeper into their emotional landscapes and the challenges they face.
  4. Ratatouille: Following Remy’s culinary journey as he explores different cuisines around the world or mentors a new generation of chefs.
  5. Finding Nemo: A prequel series that follows the adventures of Dory before she meets Marlin and Nemo, offering insight into her past.
  6. The Incredibles: A show focused on the Parr family’s daily life, juggling their super-heroic duties with parenting and navigating the challenges of a world that outlaws superheroes.
  7. Coco: Exploring more of the Land of the Dead and the Rivera family’s history, with new characters and adventures.
  8. WALL-E: A series following WALL-E and EVE as they continue their quest to restore Earth and help humanity rebuild.
  9. Up: A show exploring Carl and Russell’s further adventures in their flying house, meeting new characters and going on expeditions.
  10. Brave: Delving into Merida’s reign as queen and her adventures in the Scottish Highlands, including her interactions with magical creatures.

These series could expand on the rich universes created by Pixar, offering fans more in-depth storytelling and character development while introducing new and exciting adventures.

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