18 Star Wars References and Hidden Gems in Ahsoka Episode 5

  1. Grand Admiral Thrawn: The episode’s central character, Thrawn, is one of the most iconic Star Wars villains, known for his tactical brilliance.
  2. Morgan Elsbeth: A familiar character for fans of “The Mandalorian,” as she previously appeared in Season 2, Episode 5.
  3. Beskar Spear: A weapon central to the episode’s plot, this spear is made of beskar, the same material as Mandalorian armor.
  4. HK-87 Assassin Droids: These droids, seen in the opening battle, are similar in design to the infamous HK-47 from the “Knights of the Old Republic” video game.
  5. Loth-Cats: The cute and furry creatures seen on Corvus are native to Lothal, a planet featured in “Star Wars Rebels.”
  6. Ahsoka’s White Lightsabers: Ahsoka Tano’s lightsabers, both white, are a callback to her earlier dual-wielding blue lightsabers.
  7. Seeing Stone: The stone that Grogu sits on to communicate with other Jedi is a reference to the one on Tython from “The Mandalorian” Season 2.
  8. Thrawn’s Art Collection: Thrawn is known for appreciating art, and his collection includes a painting of a Pau’an.
  9. Moff Gideon’s Darksaber: Mentioned by Morgan Elsbeth, this references the Darksaber, a significant weapon in Mandalorian culture.
  10. Thrawn’s Mention of the Unknown Regions: This hints at Thrawn’s mission in the Unknown Regions, as explored in the Thrawn novel trilogy.
  11. World Between Worlds Reference: Ahsoka mentions the world between worlds, a mystical place from “Star Wars Rebels” related to time and space.
  12. Tython’s Jedi Temple: A reference to the ancient Jedi temple on Tython, a sacred Jedi world.
  13. The Magistrate’s Facial Scars: These scars were inflicted by Ahsoka during their duel, reminiscent of scars on other Star Wars villains.
  14. Beskar Armor: Morgan Elsbeth’s beskar armor is similar to the Mandalorian armor seen in the series of the same name.
  15. Graffiti: Graffiti on the walls of Calodan depicts the convor bird, associated with Ahsoka and the Force.
  16. Thrawn’s Appearance: Thrawn’s blue skin and red eyes are characteristic of his Chiss species, as described in the Expanded Universe.
  17. Ahsoka’s Morai: Ahsoka’s friend, Morai, the convor bird, makes a brief appearance in the episode.
  18. Morgan Elsbeth’s Fate: Her fate mirrors a classic Western standoff, reminiscent of Western film tropes in Star Wars.

These cameos and Easter eggs enrich the Star Wars lore and connect various parts of the vast Star Wars universe.

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