20 Disney Films You’ve Likely Forgotten About

20 Disney movies you totally forgot existed
  1. The Black Cauldron (1985): An animated fantasy film that delves into dark magic and adventure, often overshadowed by other Disney classics.
  2. The Great Mouse Detective (1986): Follow the detective mouse Basil in this Sherlock Holmes-inspired animated mystery, a hidden gem from the ’80s.
  3. Oliver & Company (1988): A modern retelling of Oliver Twist featuring a cast of animated animals, blending Dickens with catchy tunes.
  4. The Rescuers Down Under (1990): The sequel to “The Rescuers,” this adventure takes Bernard and Bianca to the Australian Outback.
  5. A Goofy Movie (1995): Goofy takes a road trip with his teenage son Max in this heartwarming yet often overlooked Disney film.
  6. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996): A darker take on Victor Hugo’s novel, exploring themes of acceptance and love in medieval Paris.
  7. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001): A science fiction adventure that follows a crew of explorers searching for the mythical city of Atlantis.
  8. Treasure Planet (2002): A futuristic twist on Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island,” combining space and pirates in an animated setting.
  9. Brother Bear (2003): This film explores the journey of a young man transformed into a bear, teaching him valuable lessons about nature and brotherhood.
  10. Home on the Range (2004): A comedic western featuring a trio of cows trying to save their farm from foreclosure.
  11. Meet the Robinsons (2007): A time-traveling adventure with an orphan named Lewis and a quirky family of inventors from the future.
  12. Bolt (2008): Follow the adventures of Bolt, a super-dog who believes his TV show exploits are real, in this heartwarming tale.
  13. The Princess and the Frog (2009): Disney’s return to traditional hand-drawn animation, offering a fresh take on the classic fairy tale set in New Orleans.
  14. Tangled (2010): While popular, this Rapunzel-inspired film sometimes gets overshadowed by other Disney princess stories.
  15. Wreck-It Ralph (2012): A journey into the world of video games, exploring the life of a villain who wants to be a hero.
  16. Frozen Fever (2015): A short film sequel to “Frozen,” where Elsa tries to plan a perfect birthday celebration for Anna.
  17. Zootopia (2016): A buddy cop film featuring anthropomorphic animals, addressing themes of diversity and inclusion.
  18. Moana (2016): While widely appreciated, this Polynesian-inspired adventure might not be as frequently remembered as some other recent Disney hits.
  19. Christopher Robin (2018): Live-action meets animation in this heartwarming tale where Winnie the Pooh helps an adult Christopher Robin rediscover joy.
  20. Raya and the Last Dragon (2021): A recent addition to Disney’s animated lineup, following Raya’s quest to save her kingdom with the help of a mystical dragon.

These films, although not always in the forefront of Disney discussions, contribute to the rich tapestry of Disney’s cinematic history.

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