7 Hunter x Hunter Characters Who Could Survive the Dark Continent

Here are 7 characters from Hunter x Hunter who could potentially survive the dangerous and unpredictable Dark Continent:

  1. Ging Freecss: As one of the most talented hunters in the world and the father of protagonist Gon, Ging has already explored much of the world and has knowledge and skills that could be invaluable on the Dark Continent.
  2. Beyond Netero: The leader of the expedition to the Dark Continent and son of the late Hunter Association Chairman, Isaac Netero, Beyond is a skilled and experienced hunter who is willing to take risks to achieve his goals.
  3. Pariston Hill: A former Vice-Chairman of the Hunter Association, Pariston is known for his cunning and manipulative nature. He could potentially survive the dangers of the Dark Continent by using his intelligence and strategic thinking.
  4. Hisoka Morow: As a skilled and powerful nen user, Hisoka has shown himself to be a survivor in dangerous situations. He also has a desire to face strong opponents, making him a potential candidate for exploring the Dark Continent.
  5. Kurapika: As a specialist in hunting down members of the Phantom Troupe, Kurapika has already demonstrated his ability to survive dangerous situations. He also possesses the unique ability to use different nen types, giving him a versatility that could be useful on the Dark Continent.
  6. Biscuit Krueger: A master of nen and physical combat, Biscuit is a capable fighter who could potentially survive the harsh conditions of the Dark Continent. She also has experience training other hunters, making her a valuable asset to any team.
  7. Killua Zoldyck: As one of the main protagonists of the series, Killua has already demonstrated his ability to survive dangerous situations and his expertise in assassination and nen. He also has connections to other skilled hunters, such as his family, that could aid him in exploring the Dark Continent.

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