Anne Hathaway reflects on a lost Marvel role in Spider-Man 4

Anne Hathaway recently opened up about a lost opportunity to portray the Marvel character Black Cat in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4, a project that was ultimately shelved over a decade ago. The cancellation of Spider-Man 4 left fans wondering about the potential direction the film could have taken, especially given the promising casting choices like Hathaway.

In a recent appearance on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast, Hathaway shed light on the extent to which the Spider-Man 4 production progressed before its cancellation. She revealed that she did not go beyond audition sides, never getting into costume or reading a script. Hathaway acknowledged that the details of why Spider-Man 4 was scrapped are more suited to the producers’ narrative than hers.

Despite Spider-Man 4 being left unrealized, interest in the concept continues to linger. The anticipation intensified with the recent return of Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man: No Way Home, joining Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland in a live-action Spider-Verse adventure.

The speculation around Spider-Man 4 gained further momentum when Thomas Haden Church, who played Sandman in Spider-Man 3 and Spider-Man: No Way Home, hinted at the possibility of a Spider-Man 4 with Raimi and Maguire. However, as of now, Sony Pictures, Raimi, and Maguire’s representatives have not officially commented on Church’s statement.

It’s important to note that Church’s remarks coincided with the early days of the SAG-AFTRA strike and the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, limiting any potential clarifications from Maguire or others involved. The absence of a direct debunking could suggest the possibility of Spider-Man 4 being in development. Yet, the prospect of a sequel to a film that was shelved over a decade ago remains uncertain, and the lack of official statements may be a deliberate effort to keep details about the future of Spider-Man under wraps.

Tobey Maguire’s return in Spider-Man: No Way Home and his continued presence in projects like Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse have fueled theories about a potential Spider-Man 4. If such a film were to materialize, it could explore intriguing narrative avenues, especially considering Maguire’s previous adventures and the significant time gap since Spider-Man 3.

As fans await further developments, the year 2024 might bring clarity to the persistent Spider-Man 4 rumors, revealing whether the beloved Marvel hero is set for another standalone adventure.

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