April 2024 ‘Star Wars’ Comics: New Series Launch, Lando Seeks Vader’s Help, and More

In the anticipation of April 2024, Star Wars enthusiasts can look forward to an array of captivating comic releases that promise to delve into diverse corners of the galaxy far, far away. Among the highlights is the return of Darth Maul in his very own horror miniseries, ‘Black, White & Red.’ Sent by Palpatine to investigate, Maul confronts the Final Occultation, a menacing cult whose prison ship has mysteriously gone offline. The narrative unfolds into a profound exploration of dark forces with nightmarish implications, placing the fate of the galaxy in the hands of the fearsome Sith.

Meanwhile, Lando Calrissian finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue and uncertainty as his trial continues in Star Wars #45. Accused of crimes against the Alliance, Lando faces adversity, with even his closest allies, including Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, turning against him. The unexpected twist comes when Lando’s only hope for redemption lies in an unlikely alliance—with none other than Darth Vader. This unexpected partnership sets the stage for an intricate plot that promises to unravel layers of suspense and drama.

In the realm of the High Republic, the narrative expands with ‘The High Republic #6,’ where someone close to the Jedi grapples with a fall from grace. The conflict intensifies as rogue Force users, the Freewielders, wreak havoc on an ancient moon, leading to clashes among Force users and the reunion of the Starlight Jedi. The fragile alliance formed among these guardians of peace and justice is tested, raising questions about the enduring nature of their unity.

The High Republic #6

Fan-favorite saber-for-hire Ty Yorrick takes center stage in ‘The High Republic Adventures: Saber for Hire #1,’ embarking on a dangerous and personal mission. Having transitioned from Jedi to monster hunter, Ty Yorrick navigates the perilous challenges beyond the Nihil Stormwall. The narrative promises a thrilling journey filled with battles against old enemies and unexpected alliances.

Darth Vader #45 presents a secret plan to take down the Emperor, showcasing Vader’s strategic prowess and the introduction of formidable new forces, including the cyborgs of the M.A.R. Corps and the death machine of Governor Tauntaza. The search for the mysterious treasure within the Martyrium of Frozen Tears raises questions about the cost Vader and his allies are willing to pay to secure it.

The iconic duo of Darth Vader and Thrawn takes center stage in ‘Thrawn: Alliances #4,’ as they grapple with the complexities of their alliance and the consequences of their actions on Thrawn and Anakin. Meanwhile, ‘Mace Windu #3’ propels one of the greatest Jedi into a high-stakes mission. On the refinery moon Ro Mira, Mace Windu and smuggler Azita Cruuz must prevent an explosive secret from falling into the wrong hands. The narrative introduces new characters, Muro and Diya, Dusk Weavers of the Had’le Path, adding depth to the Star Wars lore.

The action continues in ‘The High Republic Adventures #5’ as Zeen, Lula, and a small Republic fleet launch a daring rescue attempt on a Nihil prison ship. The edge-of-the-seat mission is laden with challenges as the heroes aim to locate and free missing allies. The stakes are high as they navigate the treacherous space on the fringes of Republic control.

Thrawn: Alliances #4

Concluding the month is ‘Jango Fett #2,’ wherein the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter finds himself in the crosshairs of a dangerous rival. Jango Fett’s pursuit of a stolen artifact unfolds against the backdrop of a planetwide war, with the notorious Aurra Sing hot on his trail. The narrative teases a secret conspiracy that threatens not only Fett but the delicate balance of power in the galaxy.

As April approaches, Star Wars enthusiasts can immerse themselves in these intricately woven tales that promise to expand the lore, introduce new characters, and unravel the mysteries that lie within the vast Star Wars universe. For collectors, the month brings the added excitement of potential “master and apprentice” variant covers from Giuseppe Camuncoli, adding a visually stunning layer to these already compelling narratives. Whether pre-ordering from local comic book shops or opting for digital formats, fans are in for a treat as the Star Wars comic saga continues to captivate audiences with its rich storytelling and galaxy-spanning adventures.

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