Aqua from “Oshi No Ko” is drawing comparisons to Light Yagami from “Death Note”

Oshi No Ko

The second episode of “Oshi No Ko,” which premiered on April 19, 2023, has captivated viewers and garnered rave reviews. The anime has been receiving overwhelmingly positive ratings, boasting an impressive score of 9.21 on MyAnimeList. With its suspenseful and dark themes, fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming episodes, eager to delve deeper into the story.

As the first two episodes introduced key characters, one individual has emerged as a fan favorite and is currently dominating discussions within the fandom: Aquamarine Hoshino, also known as Aqua. Aqua has captured the hearts of fans, who eagerly await his every move. In the opening episode, Aqua makes a solemn pledge to avenge Ai’s murder, adding to the intrigue surrounding his character.

Interestingly, some fans have drawn comparisons between Aqua and Light Yagami from “Death Note.” The resemblance between these two characters has sparked discussions across social media platforms. A Twitter post by user @ChibiReviews on April 21, 2023, brought attention to this comparison, generating over 7.2k likes. The post highlighted the parallels between Aqua and Light Yagami, leading to further debates among fans.

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Light Yagami, the protagonist of “Death Note,” stumbled upon a supernatural notebook called the Death Note, which allowed him to kill anyone whose name he wrote in it. Throughout the series, Light embarked on a morally ambiguous journey, eliminating criminals and innocent individuals alike. His transformation into a calculated and remorseless killer became a central focus of the story.

As “Oshi No Ko” released its first two episodes, fans began dissecting the similarities and differences between Aqua and Light. While many acknowledged shared characteristics such as their intelligent scheming and strategic minds, opinions varied. One Twitter user emphasized that Aqua’s pursuit of vengeance resonated deeply, showcasing his unwavering determination. Others concurred, highlighting the meaningfulness of Aqua’s actions.

Another viewer noted that after watching the first episode, they agreed with the previous user’s observation. They drew parallels between the dynamic of Light and L in “Death Note” and the ambitions and dark sides of Aqua, emphasizing that while they share similar ambitions and a hidden evil nature, their day-to-day personalities differ. However, a contrasting perspective argued that Aqua and Light can be compared based on their cold demeanor and calculated actions.

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Moreover, Aqua’s character has not only been likened to Light Yagami but also compared to Ayanokoji from “Classroom of the Elite.” Fans have observed similarities between the two characters, yet they recognize that Aqua’s motivations differ as he manipulates those around him to achieve retribution, while Ayanokoji manipulates to challenge the concept of the white room.

With fans divided in their comparisons, the ongoing debates have generated fervent discussions within the fandom. Supporters of Aqua’s character find similarities to Light, while others believe the comparison lies with Ayanokoji. As the anime progresses, the true nature of Aqua’s character and his apt comparison will become clearer, adding to the anticipation surrounding future episodes.

Fans eagerly await the release of the third episode of “Oshi No Ko” on April 26, 2023, excited to witness the further development of Aqua’s character and how his journey unfolds within the captivating narrative.

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