ATLA Project to Include Avatar Kyoshi Novel Characters

New reports suggest that the upcoming projects in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe will expand to include characters from the popular Avatar Kyoshi novels. This exciting development hints at the potential involvement of Avatar Kyoshi herself in the expanding animated universe.

Avatar Kyoshi, an esteemed Earth Avatar known for her remarkable achievements, such as the creation of the Dai Li and her significant impact on the Earth Kingdom, is a legendary figure among the Avatars. Even after her passing, her legacy continues to influence the lives of her successors, including Avatars Aang and Korra.

While it has been confirmed that Avatar Kyoshi will not be receiving her own standalone movie, recent reports from Avatar News (via CBR) indicate that characters from the Avatar Kyoshi novels will be making their appearance in an upcoming Avatar: The Last Airbender project. This includes notable characters like Kyoshi’s firebending mentor Hei-Ran, her loyal bodyguard Rangi, and her rival Yun. However, there is currently no official confirmation regarding whether these characters will appear in a new show or in a movie.

The question arises as to where Avatar Kyoshi and her entourage might make their debut in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe. With the current slate of upcoming projects, it becomes a matter of speculation. One notable project is a spin-off movie focused on Aang and his team, set in a post-Gaang era where they have matured into adulthood. This movie, set to release in October 2025, could potentially provide a suitable platform for Kyoshi’s appearance, as Aang still has the ability to interact with her through his connection to the past Avatars.

Additionally, there is an upcoming sequel to The Legend of Korra, which will center around the next Earth Avatar. Considering Kyoshi’s profound impact on the Earth Kingdom, this presents an excellent opportunity to explore her history further. However, it’s worth noting that Korra severed her connection to her past lives, which would limit Kyoshi’s appearances beyond flashbacks in any future projects involving the next Avatar.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that Kyoshi will appear in projects scheduled after 2025. There is a show planned for 2026 aimed at preschoolers, which may not be the appropriate platform for featuring one of the darker and more complex Avatars. Additionally, the 2026 Zuko movie appears to have little connection to Kyoshi’s narrative. Therefore, it is most probable that Kyoshi will make her presence felt in the post-Avatar: The Last Airbender return of Aang movie or the anticipated sequel show, which would offer a more suitable context for her inclusion.

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