Avengers Inc. #5 teases a new Avengers team, connecting the Marvel Universe and MCU

Avengers Inc #5 interior art

In Avengers Inc. #5, the convergence of the comic book and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continues as Hank Pym and Nadia Van Dyne undergo transformations mirroring their on-screen counterparts. This development sparks speculation about the inception of a new West Coast Avengers team.

The issue not only serves as the conclusion to the Avengers Inc. series but also efficiently ties up loose narrative threads while setting the stage for what could be the next chapter in Janet Van Dyne’s storyline and her dynamic with allies. Venturing into spoiler territory for Avengers Inc. #5, the narrative picks up from the preceding issue, revealing the apparent return of Ultron in the form of Victor Shade. However, the revelation takes an unexpected turn.

Ultron’s presence is unveiled as he strategically embeds his code within low-level supervillains controlled by Hank Pym. Notably, Victor Shade, a character brought under Pym’s control, plays a pivotal role. Surprisingly, Shade is fully cognizant of Ultron’s influence and, in a twist, incapacitates Hank not to cause harm but to purge the Ultron code from his mind. This revelation adds layers to the complexity of the storyline.

The intricate backstory involves the fusion of Hank Pym’s physical form with Ultron’s, pushing them to the background of the Marvel Universe for years. Notably, the separation of Pym and Ultron in the future, depicted in Al Ewing and Tom Reilly’s 2022 Ant-Man limited series, has ramifications that bring an older Pym and Ultron AI back to the present-day Marvel Universe.

In the current narrative of Avengers Inc. #5, Ultron’s code resides within Pym’s neural network, manipulating the Lethal Legion to restore his physical form. However, the heroic Ultron, identified as Ultron MK. 12, surfaces, allowing Pym to redirect Ultron’s control to Mark 12, effectively neutralizing the Ultron threat. As an older but still recognizable Hank Pym departs with the Lethal Legion, he shares a poignant moment with his daughter Nadia Van Dyne. This moment reveals that Nadia was named ‘Hope’ by her mother, Maria Pym, before being taken by Russian operatives.

This revelation connects Nadia, also named Hope, and Hank Pym more closely to their MCU counterparts, where Hope Van Dyne is the second Wasp, and Hank Pym is portrayed as older. The issue concludes with Janet Van Dyne assembled with a team comprising Victor Shade, Moon Knight, Cassie Lang, Scott Lang, Nadia Van Dyne, Luke Cage, Vision, and Jane Foster. Janet hints at the possibility of forming a new Avengers team, potentially a revamped West Coast Avengers, teasing readers about future developments.

While no official announcements have been made, the groundwork laid in the finale of Avengers Inc. opens the door for exciting possibilities, leaving fans to speculate and eagerly anticipate the potential return of Janet and her new team in the Marvel Universe. As Janet herself puts it, “Watch this space.

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