Beerus female twin summoned for Dragon Ball Super cosplay

Skyla Rayne, also known as Chibi Neko Cosplay, has created a stunning gender-bent cosplay of Beerus, one of the most popular characters in Dragon Ball Super. Beerus, the God of Destruction, is known for his fierce strength, unpredictable nature, and unique appearance, with his trademark purple fur, piercing eyes, and a distinctive pattern of stripes on his body.

In Rayne’s version of Beerus, the character is given a feminine twist, with a striped gilded top, matching arm bands, and usual pants. Rayne’s interpretation is completed with long purple hair, cat ears, and lilac body paint, which brings Beerus’ eyes to life. The overall look is incredibly striking, and Rayne’s attention to detail is impressive, with some colored contacts bringing the Universe 7 god to life in the best way.

It is important to note that some costume adjustments were necessary to accommodate the gender-bent makeover. In the original anime, Beerus goes around topless, but Rayne cleverly solved that issue with ease by adding a striped gilded top to the character’s costume. The result is a beautiful cosplay that showcases Rayne’s talent and creativity.

Despite the softer aesthetic, Rayne’s interpretation of Beerus still captures the character’s raw power and strength. Beerus has proven his dominance time and time again since debuting in Dragon Ball Super, and this cosplay is a testament to his popularity among fans of the series.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching Beerus in battle, you can catch up with the Dragon Ball Super anime on Hulu as well as Crunchyroll. The character also appears in film thanks to the two Dragon Ball Super films, Broly and Super Hero. Plus, the Dragon Ball Super manga is ongoing and rolling out new arcs regularly that the television anime has yet to adapt! You can find the manga on the Shonen Jump app right now!

Overall, Rayne’s Beerus cosplay is a great addition to the fandom, and it’s easy to envision how Dragon Ball Super would have gone if Champa had looked more like this in Universe 6. This photoshoot brings Beerus’ fem twin to life, and this heroine would fit in with the likes of Caulifa and Kale in Universe 6. The cosplay deserves all of the kudos for its creativity and artistry.

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