Big Hero 6 Sequel: Is It in the Works?

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When Disney acquired Marvel for an astounding $4 billion in 2009, it brought together the potential for major crossover opportunities between two iconic pop culture franchises. Although we’re yet to witness the Sensational Six joining forces with the Avengers on the big screen, Disney introduced its unique take on an obscure Marvel Comics property with “Big Hero 6” in 2014.

The unconventional group of heroes, originally created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau for Man of Action Entertainment and published by Marvel Comics in 1998, made their way to cinemas and became a major box office hit, amassing over $647 million globally. Given the success of the first film and the popularity of the adorable Baymax, it’s surprising that we haven’t returned to the world of San Fransokyo in a cinematic sequel. But what are the chances of seeing one?

The Delay in a ‘Big Hero 6’ Sequel:

Disney’s focus seems to be shifting towards television content expansion, with multiple feature films already in their repertoire. Following the footsteps of “Tarzan,” “Lilo & Stitch,” and Pixar’s “Up,” Disney has extended “Big Hero 6” to the small screen.

Much like “Tangled,” which has a wealth of additional content beyond the original movie, “Big Hero 6” has two series for fans to enjoy. The first series, “Big Hero 6: The Series,” debuted in 2017 and ran for three seasons and 56 episodes. Continuing directly after the events of the film, this series follows the group of heroes as they confront new challenges and threats.

Big Hero 6 gang from animated series

In a different approach, the 2022 mini-series “Baymax!” adopts a slice-of-life perspective, focusing on the titular robot as he helps people around town. Both series involve most of the original cast members in some capacity, making a sequel less necessary, as Disney might believe the property is better suited for television.

Filmmakers’ Views on a Sequel:

Soon after the release of “Big Hero 6” in 2014, questions about a sequel began to arise. In an interview with Creative Screenwriting that same year, directors Don Hall and Chris Williams didn’t rule out the possibility of a part two, expressing their affection for the characters. However, they hadn’t engaged in any discussions regarding a sequel.

While a follow-up film would be welcomed, progress seems sluggish. In 2022, Hall confirmed to that a sequel was unlikely, stating, “There’s been no discussions about that.”

Other Creative Voices:

Although the director seems hesitant about a sequel, other creative minds continue to express hope. Notably, the late Stan Lee, renowned for his contributions to comic book heroes, indicated potential for more “Big Hero 6” adventures. He mentioned the project in an interview with the Toronto Sun, indicating a keen interest in revisiting the universe.

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More recently, head animator Zach Parrish hinted at the possibility of additional “Big Hero 6” content in 2021. Parrish suggested that there’s still untapped potential for the franchise.

Exploring a Sequel:

Animation provides flexibility in storytelling that live-action films may not have. As Parrish explained, animation allows for various timelines and settings. A sequel could explore a crossover with other Marvel characters, rooted in “Big Hero 6” comic book lore. Notably, the comic series includes a crossover with Spider-Man and characters associated with the X-Men, a potential made more intriguing by Disney’s ownership of both Marvel and Fox.

Potential Cast:

The original movie and TV series feature a committed cast who brought the characters to life. While some haven’t returned, many remain passionate about their roles. For instance, Génesis Rodríguez, who voiced Honey Lemon, expressed enthusiasm for reuniting the gang. Scott Adsit, the voice of Baymax, also expressed interest in a sequel, having continued to voice the character in subsequent series.

Stan Lee smiling

In conclusion, the chances of a “Big Hero 6” sequel appear uncertain. While there’s no shortage of content related to the franchise, fans continue to hope for more cinematic adventures with the beloved characters.

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