“Blood Hunt” plunges the Marvel Universe into shadows

BLOOD HUNT #1 cover by Pepe Larraz

Get an exclusive sneak peek into Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz’s upcoming Marvel crossover event, “Blood Hunt,” with the recently revealed cover of issue #1 and never-before-seen interior artwork. Set to launch this spring, “Blood Hunt” is a collaboration between Avengers writer Jed MacKay and renowned X-Men artists Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia.

Initially announced at New York Comic Con in October, “Blood Hunt” will feature its main limited series, tie-in issues, and spinoff limited series. As darkness descends upon the Marvel Universe, a formidable army of vampires emerges, united by a singular vision not witnessed in millennia. To counter this threat, a new world order might be necessary.

The Marvel Universe finds itself in turmoil as vampires, led by an overwhelming force, seek to drown the world in blood. Earth’s last night has fallen, and even the heroes, including the Avengers, Blade, Bloodline, Spider-Man, Hunter’s Moon, Tigra, Doctor Strange, and Clea, must face this menacing threat.

BLOOD HUNT #1 interior artwork by Pepe Larraz

“Blood Hunt” is compared to iconic Marvel events like “Civil War” and “Secret Invasion,” promising a story that has organically developed across Marvel’s comics in recent years. Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski notes that the series will unveil clues, allowing readers to piece together the high stakes for beloved characters.

The cover, illustrated by Kael Ngu, features Blade’s silhouette and includes heroes such as Doctor Strange, Tigra, Thor, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, and the new Moon Knight. The event promises to delve into the rich history of Marvel vampires, including the presence of the iconic Dracula.

Jed MacKay, the writer of Avengers, Doctor Strange, and Moon Knight, discusses his interest in vampires within the Marvel Universe. The storyline will build upon recent developments, such as Dracula establishing a vampire nation in Chernobyl.

BLOOD HUNT #1 interior artwork by Pepe Larraz

Key players in the “Blood Hunt” title include Blade, Bloodline, Dracula, and Spider-Man, as well as characters from MacKay’s ongoing series. Blade’s perpetual struggle against vampires, coupled with the character’s unyielding determination, adds a unique dynamic to the narrative.

The series introduces a mysterious mastermind orchestrating the global vampire uprising and a group of powerful super-vampires known as the Bloodcoven. Readers can expect surprises and extraordinary artwork from Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia.

“Blood Hunt” aims to leave a lasting impact on the Marvel Universe, both in terms of the monumental events depicted and the transformed world post-crisis. As darkness envelopes the world, “Blood Hunt” is poised to be a significant and world-shaking event, showcasing a different Marvel Universe once the dust settles.

BLOOD HUNT #1 interior artwork by Pepe Larraz

Fans are encouraged to keep a close watch on shadows as they await the unfolding of “Blood Hunt,” set to begin on May 1, 2024. The event promises to offer a thrilling experience with surprises, exceptional artwork, and a narrative that resonates throughout the Marvel Universe.

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