Contemporary Villains Threaten Disney Films

King Magnifico's Eyes

“Disney’s Upcoming Movie ‘Wish’ Faces Criticism Over Missing Traditional Villain and Musical Numbers”

Disney’s ‘Wish’ promises a return to classic Disney elements, but fans are disappointed by the absence of a traditional Disney villain and their iconic musical numbers. While the film aims to hark back to Disney’s traditional formula featuring a spirited heroine, an animal sidekick, and an extravagant villain, some enthusiasts find it falling short of expectations.

The discussion of modern Disney villains has been recurrent, and the absence of villain songs has become a key issue impacting the classic Disney movie formula. Characters like Prince Hans, Te Kā, and King Magnifico have steered villains in a different direction, stripping them of their sinister charm.

Asha and her goat in Wish

Disney Villains Are Losing Their Menace Disney’s decision to exclude King Magnifico’s song, ‘This is the Thanks I Get,’ garnered strong reactions from fans. Nonetheless, this shift in approach might become detrimental. While audiences have enjoyed the more upbeat and unconventional elements in recent film scores, it risks becoming repetitive.

Despite ‘Wish’ intending to revisit Disney’s conventional storytelling style, many fans have noted its similarities to recent movies like ‘Moana’ (2016) and ‘Frozen’ (2013). Some argue that it’s time for Disney to abandon experimentation and return to what has been successful in the past, even embracing the darker aspects of their storytelling.

@reubenwoodall delves into the issue extensively in the provided video, analyzing why recent Disney songs, particularly those of the villains, have been lacking in quality, from a music theory perspective. Despite King Magnifico’s Gaston-inspired character, his musical performance has been compared to Lin-Manuel Miranda singing an unused Stephen Sondheim track.

Disney Drops a Hopeful Hint on Upcoming 'Wish' Film

The problem isn’t new for Disney, as it predates recent entries. While some may pinpoint ‘Mother Knows Best’ by Mother Gothel and ‘Friends on the Other Side’ by Dr. Facilier as the last great Disney villain songs, others consider the decline in quality to have begun with ‘Love is an Open Door.’

Characters like Prince Hans, Tamatoa, and King Magnifico share a commonality. They may be villains in their respective films, but their songs do not reflect their antagonistic roles. Naming a villainous musical piece ‘Shiny’ was an interesting departure, yet it has veered away from fans’ expectations. Disney seems to have lost touch with what its audience truly desires.

While ‘Wish’ aims to return to Disney’s roots, it may also serve as a wake-up call for the studio following what some refer to as their ‘flop era.’ Lighter themes have their place, but there are times when movies and characters need to embrace the darkness that once defined Disney’s villains through unforgettable songs like ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls,’ ‘Be Prepared,’ and ‘Hellfire.’

Frollo confronts his demons

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