DC Comics Most Challenging Places to Reside

While these cities are safeguarded by DC Comics’ finest heroes, they are far from ideal places to settle.

Within the DC Comics multiverse, certain cities are less than desirable for residence, even if the rent is affordable. Living near a homicidal clown and a bat-themed vigilante just isn’t worth it.

  • Hub City (Illinois, USA):
    • First Appearance: Blue Beetle Vol 5 #1 (1967).
    • Universes: Earth-Four, New Earth, Prime Earth, Arrowverse.
    • Key Residents: The Question.
    • Hub City, once part of Charlton Comics, became a den of crime and corruption post-Crisis, rivaling Gotham City. The Question’s efforts have alleviated some issues, but it remains a challenging place to live.
  • Dakota City (Midwest USA):
    • First Appearance: Hardware #1 (1993).
    • Universes: Dakotaverse, DCAU, New Earth, Prime Earth, Earth-16, Earth-M.
    • Key Residents: Static, Icon, The Blood Syndicate, Hardware.
    • Dakota City, home to Milestone Media’s diverse heroes, faced gang issues intensified by a superpower-inducing substance. Poverty and systemic problems persist, requiring more than heroism to solve.
  • Coast City (California, USA):
    • First Appearance: Showcase #22 (1959).
    • Universes: Earth-One, New Earth, Prime Earth, Arrowverse, DCEU.
    • Key Residents: Green Lantern, Star Sapphire.
    • Destroyed by Mongul and Cyborg Superman, Coast City, despite Green Lantern’s efforts, struggles with reconstruction and remains susceptible to threats like the Sinestro Corps.
  • Nanda Parbat (Hindu Kush, Central Asia):
    • First Appearance: Strange Adventures #216 (1969).
    • Universes: Earth-One, New Earth, Prime Earth, DCAU, Arrowverse.
    • Key Residents: Deadman, Rama Kushna.
    • Despite being a Himalayan utopia, Nanda Parbat faces attacks by the League of Assassins, showcasing its vulnerability to corruption and destruction.
  • Shiruta (Kahndaq, Sinai Peninsula):
    • First Appearance: Hawkman Vol 4 #19 (2003).
    • Universes: New Earth, Prime Earth, DCEU.
    • Key Residents: Black Adam, Isis, Osiris.
    • Named after Black Adam’s first wife, Shiruta faces supervillain attacks, systemic issues, and the unpredictable rule of Black Adam, making it a challenging place to live.
  • Gotham City (Gotham County, New Jersey, USA):
    • First Appearance: Batman #4 (1940).
    • Universes: Earth-One, Earth-Two, New Earth, Prime Earth, and more.
    • Key Residents: Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, The Joker, Catwoman, Two-Face, etc.
    • Known for its rampant crime, Gotham City is a challenging place due to its criminal underworld and the constant threat of supervillains.
  • Blüdhaven (New Jersey, USA):
    • First Appearance: Nightwing Vol 2 #1 (1996).
    • Universes: Earth-Two, New Earth, Prime Earth.
    • Key Residents: Nightwing, Arsenal.
    • Crime runs rampant in Blüdhaven, where corrupt politicians prioritize personal gain over civic well-being. The city has endured destruction and supervillain attacks, making it an undesirable place to live.

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