DC Power 2024 Preview Features The Signal, Green Lantern, and More

DC Power 2024 #1, an exciting addition to DC’s Black History Month lineup, is poised to hit comic shops later this month. The highly anticipated one-shot boasts a striking main cover by Chase Conley, accompanied by variant covers from acclaimed artists Jamal Campbell and Denys Cowan. This anthology dives into a diverse range of stories, showcasing DC’s commitment to inclusivity and representation.

Among the highlighted tales is “Enduring Farewells,” crafted by NK Jemisin and Jamal Campbell. Serving as an epilogue to their Hugo award-winning Green Lantern-centric series, Far Sector, this story explores the aftermath of Green Lantern Jo Mullein’s probationary duty. With appearances from Green Lantern John Stewart, it also acts as a bridge to the 2021 Green Lantern run by Geoffrey Thorne.

The one-shot’s offerings extend beyond the Green Lantern mythos, featuring stories starring the Signal, the Spectre, Black Manta, Val-Zod/Superman, Wallace West/Kid Flash, Nubia, and more. Each story promises to unravel unique facets of these characters, providing readers with a rich and immersive experience.

Shawn Martinbrough and Tony Akins team up for “The Session,” a narrative centered around Crispus Allen, the GCPD Detective turned Spectre. This story delves into a mystery intertwined with Martinbrough’s upcoming Red Hood: The Hill, offering a thrilling exploration of the Spectre’s world.

Deron Bennett and Denys Cowan collaborate on “Lost At Sea,” a Black Manta story that introduces readers to the complex reflections of the iconic DC villain. As Black Manta collaborates with a crew of scavengers, the narrative explores themes of family and self-reflection, adding depth to the character’s backstory.

“Spice of Life” by Cheryl Lynn Eaton and Asiah Fulmore brings Thunder and Lightning (Anissa and Jennifer Pierce) to the forefront. Eaton, making her DC Universe debut, weaves a tale where the Pierce sisters join forces to thwart the Condiment King’s mayhem at a local food festival. The story promises a mix of familial bonds and superhero action.

Lamar Giles and Sean Damien Hill present “Pit Stop,” a Bloodwynd-focused narrative that unravels the true history of the Bloodwynd mantle. Set after “A Superman For Hell,” this story adds layers to Raphael Arce’s character, exploring his family’s connection to the Blood Gem.

Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley teams up with Edwin Galmon for “Pure Blackness,” a solo story featuring Val-Zod, the Superman of Earth-2. Ridley delves into what makes Val-Zod a unique iteration of the Man of Steel, promising a thought-provoking narrative.

“The Natural Order” by Alitha Martinez creates an unexpected team-up between Nubia and Mr. Mxyzptlik to prevent a dark mage and a minotaur from invading Themyscira. Martinez, serving as both writer and artist, offers a fresh perspective on this dynamic duo.

Jarrett Williams and Domo Stanton contribute “Jump Shots and Loose Watts,” a story featuring Kid Flash (Wallace West). Spinning out of the new Speed Force series, this narrative explores Kid Flash’s upbringing and reflects on how it shapes him as a superhero.

Greg Burnham and Jahnoy Lindsay team up for “Fair Play,” a Mr. Terrific story where Michael Holt faces political intrigue and assassination attempts. Without the aid of his technology, Mr. Terrific navigates challenges, showcasing his intellect and resourcefulness.

DC Power 2024 #1 promises a captivating array of stories that celebrate the diversity and depth of characters within the DC Universe. Scheduled for release on Tuesday, January 30, this one-shot is set to be a must-read for fans eager to explore fresh perspectives and narratives within the superhero genre.

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