Despite its imperfections, the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon should be made available for streaming.

The English dubbed version of Sailor Moon produced by DiC Entertainment may have its flaws, but it still holds a great deal of significance for many ’90s kids who grew up with the show. Despite its shortcomings, the first English-dubbed Sailor Moon series that premiered in the U.S. during the ’90s should be available on streaming services. This early dub holds a lot of historical value, even though it was not a faithful adaptation of the original anime.

When DiC Entertainment’s production of Sailor Moon first aired in the U.S. in 1995, it did not do well commercially, but it still introduced many children to the series and even to anime in general during its original morning time slots. The show gained a larger, older audience when Cartoon Network aired it on its late-afternoon Toonami segment. However, since Viz Media licensed the franchise, the original DiC dub has been unavailable. Despite this, many Americans who grew up watching Sailor Moon in the ’90s have been feeling increasingly nostalgic for DiC’s controversial production.

Although it is understandable why the dub was so controversial, the changes made to the story were considered xenophobic and inconsiderate of sexual preferences. However, one of the most insignificant alterations that was disrespectful to Japanese culture was the changing of the protagonist’s name from Usagi Tsukino to Serena. While this may seem like a minor change, it is a significant alteration that many ’90s kids struggle to let go of, resulting in older viewers having difficulty connecting with the new series’ main heroine.

Despite its imperfections, the original English dub of Sailor Moon has its strengths. The opening theme song is still beloved by many, and Luna’s DiC voice actress was perfect for the role. However, the most egregious alteration made by DiC was retconning Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus from being lovers into cousins. This change undermined the series’ pioneering stance on social justice and equality issues, making it important early representation for the LGBTQ+ community. If DiC’s original is brought back, it would be necessary for the hosting streaming service to preface each episode with a message acknowledging the harm of censorship and the importance of equal representation.

Overall, the DiC dub of Sailor Moon may have its flaws, but it still holds historical and nostalgic value for many ’90s kids. While some changes were detrimental to the series, it still introduced countless people to the magical world of anime and sparked an interest in it. Even with its faults, it should still be made available on streaming services for future generations to enjoy while being mindful of the importance of representation and equity.

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