Disney Movie Club closes due to falling DVD and Blu-ray sales

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After serving Disney enthusiasts for over two decades, the Disney Movie Club is bidding farewell. Members were informed of this development through email notifications, with the deadline for placing orders set for May 20, as reported by What’s on Disney Plus. Alongside, members are advised to utilize their account credits by the same date or opt for a refund through Disney’s customer support channels. The closure date was independently confirmed by Cord Cutters News to be July 20.

The Disney Movie Club, renowned for providing its members with exclusive merchandise, discounts, and access to physical copies of Disney movies, attributed its decision to evolving consumer habits and preferences in media consumption. This strategic shift aligns with Disney’s broader initiatives, particularly its emphasis on digital streaming services like Hulu and Disney+.

Prior to the announcement of its closure, Disney had already ceased operations of the movie club in Canada and discontinued Blu-ray and DVD sales in Australia and New Zealand. This move underscores the broader trend within the entertainment industry of transitioning away from physical media towards digital distribution channels.

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The decline in physical media sales has been noticeable across the industry, with U.S. physical media revenue plummeting by 28% from the first half of 2022 to the first half of 2023. This trend has been further accelerated by the closure of Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service and the departure of Ingram Entertainment, a major player in physical media distribution.

Retail giants such as Best Buy have also adjusted their strategies in response to changing consumer behaviors, with Best Buy ceasing physical media sales in early 2024. Similarly, rumors abound regarding Target’s potential plans to follow suit, leaving Walmart and Amazon as some of the last bastions for physical media purchases. However, even Walmart may reconsider its stance on discs, as indicated by rumors suggesting a potential discontinuation of physical Xbox game sales.

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Despite the impending closure, Disney Movie Club members can continue to enjoy a special perk until May 20. The minimum purchase commitment typically required of members has been waived, effectively granting VIP status to all members with access to all available titles until the closure date. This gesture reflects Disney’s appreciation for its loyal members and serves as a parting gift amid the club’s closure.

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