Disney’s CEO attributes Marvel’s decline to an excess of sequels

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Disney CEO Bob Iger has offered insights into the challenges facing Marvel and the broader cinematic landscape. Speaking at The New York Times annual DealBook summit, Iger attributed Marvel’s recent struggles to an oversaturation of sequels, stating, “Quality needs attention to deliver quality, it doesn’t happen by accident. And quantity, in our case, diluted quality — and Marvel has suffered greatly from that.” He acknowledged the necessity of a compelling reason to create sequels beyond commercial motives, emphasizing the importance of artistic justification.

Iger discussed the impact of shooting “The Marvels” during the COVID-19 pandemic, noting that there was less on-set supervision due to health and safety protocols. This added layer of complexity may have affected the creative process and overall quality control. Additionally, he pointed out the influence of the streaming model on audience expectations, suggesting that the accessibility and visual experience of streaming platforms contribute to changing viewing habits.

However, Iger’s explanations may not entirely account for the variations in box office performance, as evidenced by the success of “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3” earlier in the year. Despite streaming trends, certain cinematic experiences still resonate with audiences.

Bob Chapek and Bob Iger in front of a shower head

The bottom line for Iger is the need for a creative turnaround at Disney. With several box office disappointments in 2023, including “Wish,” “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” “Haunted Mansion,” and “The Marvels,” the studio faces challenges in maintaining its historical box office dominance. These setbacks are compounded by inflated budgets, with most films costing around $200 million to produce.

While Iger places a renewed emphasis on creativity, it remains to be seen how Disney plans to navigate the evolving landscape of audience preferences and the impact of streaming on traditional theatrical releases. The company’s upcoming films, many of which are sequels to existing properties like “Frozen II” and “Toy Story,” may need to strike a delicate balance between familiarity and originality to ensure success in an ever-changing entertainment landscape.

Meanwhile, during the same DealBook summit, Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s controversial remarks about advertisers, including Disney, leaving the platform added another layer of scrutiny. The volatile exchange underscored the challenges faced by major corporations in navigating both creative and business landscapes in the digital age.

Still from Dial of Destiny

In a separate development, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav shared insights into the decision-making process behind canceling the Batgirl movie, citing the need for courage in making tough choices for the studio’s long-term health. The decision-making dynamics around film releases and the subsequent reversal in the case of “Coyote vs. Acme” highlight the complex landscape studios navigate in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape.

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