Dragon Ball creator explains why he quit drawing manga

Dragon Ball is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime and manga franchises in the world, and its creator, Akira Toriyama, is a household name in the industry. However, fans may be surprised to learn that Toriyama no longer draws manga, and he may have recently revealed the reason behind his decision.

Currently, the Dragon Ball Super manga series is still in publication, but it is drawn by Toyotarou, a manga artist from Japan who was handpicked by Toriyama himself. Toyotarou was chosen to draw the manga adaptation of Dragon Ball Super based on his previous work on the manga adaptation of the Resurrection ‘F’ movie. While Toriyama still decides on the important storylines and character designs for the new characters, Toyotarou handles all the other necessary aspects of the manga.

So, why did Toriyama stop drawing manga? The answer may surprise you: the Lucky Pen Holder. In a recent interview published on the official website for Sand Land, a 23-year-old short manga series by Toriyama that is being adapted into a film, the author revealed that he lost his favorite wooden pen holder while working on the Sand Land manga. Toriyama tried to customize a new pen holder to look like his favorite one, but it never quite measured up. Since then, he has been using that excuse not to draw.

While the debate about whether Toriyama’s pen holder is really the reason for his decision to stop drawing manga remains inconclusive, it’s clear that this particular pen holder held significant sentimental value for the creator. According to the magazine “Dragon Ball: El manga legendario,” Toriyama purchased the pen at age 14 and modified both the handle length and nib insertion depth to suit his preferences. Despite acquiring numerous other pen holders over time, he consistently returned to this cherished item, and every chapter he has drawn has been created using that same pen holder.

Toriyama’s lack of attentiveness towards the pen holder was also evident in the past. In a previous interview over a decade ago, he once spent 30 minutes searching for the pen just to take a photograph with it.

In regards to the Sand Land manga, Toriyama admitted that, logically, creators tend to prefer their more recent work over their previous creations. However, reflecting on his experience with Sand Land, he recognizes that his drawing skills and energy were remarkable during its production. As for the Sand Land movie, Toriyama has seen the unfinished project and noted the high-quality production.

The Sand Land anime film is set for release in Japan on August 18, 2023, but the worldwide release date has not been announced yet. Nonetheless, fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the release of this film, which is based on a short manga series created by Toriyama himself. The series ran in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from May to August 2000 and was later compiled into a single volume by Shueisha in November 2000. In North America, Sand Land was serialized by Viz Media in their English Shonen Jump magazine in 2003.

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