DreamWorks has a plan to replicate the $1.6 billion success of ‘How to Train Your Dragon

DreamWorks Animation soared to great heights with the immensely successful How To Train Your Dragon trilogy, yet as the chapter on the beloved series concluded with 2019’s The Hidden World, the studio faces the formidable challenge of finding a worthy successor to its iconic franchise. While DreamWorks boasts an impressive lineup of established franchises such as Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and Trolls, the unique allure of How To Train Your Dragon, marked by both financial triumph and critical acclaim, leaves a void to be filled.

The anticipation surrounding a live-action remake of How To Train Your Dragon under development at Universal only heightens the need for DreamWorks Animation to identify its next major animated triumph. It’s against this backdrop that The Wizards of Once emerges as a promising contender. Announced in 2017 and currently without a confirmed release date, this project carries substantial weight, being based on a book series by Cressida Cowell – the same creative mind behind the original How To Train Your Dragon books that served as the foundation for DreamWorks’ cinematic trilogy.

The Wizards of Once explores a family-friendly fantasy realm, though it takes a distinctive turn towards swords and sorcery, providing a fresh thematic angle compared to the friendly monsters and Viking adventures of How To Train Your Dragon. While precise details about the project remain under wraps, the source material, a literary franchise penned by Cressida Cowell, has garnered widespread acclaim for its imaginative storytelling.

The Wizards of Once holds the potential to seamlessly continue DreamWorks Animation’s legacy of transforming Cowell’s creations into successful animated movies. The familiarity of Cowell’s work, coupled with DreamWorks’ proven ability to translate her imaginative worlds onto the screen, positions The Wizards of Once as a natural successor to the animated throne previously occupied by How To Train Your Dragon.

While DreamWorks Animation has various projects in the pipeline, including continuations of existing franchises such as Shrek, Madagascar, Trolls, Captain Underpants, and Kung Fu Panda, The Wizards of Once stands out as a beacon of originality. In a landscape where several upcoming movies are continuations or adaptations, The Wizards of Once represents a bold venture into uncharted territory. The animated wizards, as envisioned in this project, might just be the magical ingredient DreamWorks needs to captivate audiences and replicate the unprecedented success achieved by How To Train Your Dragon.

As the studio navigates the evolving landscape of animated entertainment, The Wizards of Once emerges as a beacon of hope, blending the proven appeal of Cressida Cowell’s literary works, thematic resonance with DreamWorks’ previous successes, and the potential for the studio to introduce audiences to a new world of enchantment. While the release date remains unconfirmed, the prospect of The Wizards of Once beginning production within the next two years aligns with a growing interest in young adult fantasy adaptations, marked by upcoming projects like HBO’s Harry Potter TV show and Disney’s Percy Jackson & The Olympians reboot. In this context, The Wizards of Once could not only fill the void left by How To Train Your Dragon but also become the cornerstone of DreamWorks Animation’s next monumental success.

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