DreamWorks’ ‘Orion and the Dark’ explores overcoming fears

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DreamWorks, renowned for its timeless animated characters and successful franchises, continues its legacy with the upcoming release of “Orion and the Dark” on Netflix. In his directorial debut, Sean Charmatz explores the theme of overcoming fears, particularly anxiety, through the story written by Charlie Kaufman, based on Emma Yarlett’s children’s book.

The film features Jacob Tremblay as Orion, a typical elementary school student harboring a significant secret—he is afraid of everything, especially the dark. Confronted by the embodiment of darkness, aptly named “The Dark,” portrayed by Paul Walter Hauser, Orion embarks on a journey to overcome his fears. The plot introduces various magical beings representing elements of the night, including Sweet Dreams, Sleep, Unexplained Noises, Insomnia, and Quiet.

Orion and the Dark- Orion

“Orion and the Dark” tackles universal themes of conquering fears and the unknown, with an engaging narrative that resonates with audiences of all ages. The film, while moving at a slightly slower pace initially, shines through its character development, particularly with the endearing portrayal of the anxious Orion and the heartfelt performance of Paul Walter Hauser as The Dark.

This animated gem not only provides entertainment but also serves as a positive representation of mental health, addressing the struggles of dealing with anxiety and the journey to reassurance. Despite its initial slower pace, “Orion and the Dark” stands out as a relatable and valuable cinematic experience, offering a message of hope and courage for both children and adults alike.

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