DreamWorks Unveils New Material for ‘Orion and the Dark’ Film

DreamWorks Animation Gets into Kidlit Biz with DreamWorks Press

Netflix, in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation, has recently unveiled an exciting array of promotional material for their upcoming animated feature, “Orion and the Dark.” This includes a captivating new trailer, as well as an assortment of visually stunning images and posters, all aimed at generating anticipation for the film’s release.

Reflecting on the landscape of animation in 2023, it was undoubtedly a standout year for the genre, with numerous studios achieving significant commercial and critical success. However, amidst this wave of triumphs, DreamWorks faced a unique set of challenges, particularly with the reception of “Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken.” While the film wasn’t deemed a failure by any means, it struggled to compete with the groundbreaking success of projects like “SpiderVerse.” Nevertheless, despite this setback, DreamWorks remains a formidable force in the animation industry, boasting a rich legacy of beloved films and a reputation for innovation.

Now, with “Orion and the Dark,” DreamWorks aims to captivate audiences once again, this time through a partnership with Netflix. This collaboration holds particular significance, given Netflix’s burgeoning reputation for delivering high-quality animated content. While the streaming platform’s original films have experienced varying degrees of success, its animated offerings have consistently garnered acclaim for their creativity and storytelling prowess. As such, the prospect of “Orion and the Dark” finding success on Netflix is certainly promising.

DreamWorks Animation, Netflix Unveil 'Orion And The Dark'

The newly released trailer offers audiences a deeper glimpse into the film’s narrative, providing insights into the characters and the world they inhabit. Additionally, the accompanying posters and images serve to further immerse viewers in the enchanting universe of “Orion and the Dark,” teasing the adventure that awaits.

At the heart of the story is Orion, a seemingly ordinary schoolboy grappling with a host of fears and anxieties, chief among them his fear of the dark. However, when his fears manifest in the form of Dark, a mysterious entity, Orion embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Together, they traverse the globe, confronting Orion’s deepest fears and uncovering the beauty and wonder that lie beyond them. It’s a tale of courage, friendship, and the power of facing one’s fears head-on.

Directed by the talented Sean Charmatz and based on the beloved book by Emma Yarlett, “Orion and the Dark” boasts a stellar voice cast led by Jacob Tremblay as Orion and Paul Walter Hauser as Dark. With DreamWorks Animation at the helm, audiences can expect a visually stunning and emotionally resonant cinematic experience.


Scheduled for release on February 2, 2024, “Orion and the Dark” promises to be a captivating addition to Netflix’s animated lineup, offering viewers of all ages a thrilling adventure that will linger long after the credits roll.

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