Dwayne Johnson Requires Live-Action Moana More Urgently Than Disney

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s recent career trends indicate that he might benefit more from a live-action Moana adaptation than Disney would. Prior to voicing Maui in the animated Moana film, Johnson started his acting journey in Hollywood, initially starring in family-oriented movies like The Game Plan and sports dramas such as The Gridiron Gang. While he faced a fair share of box office flops initially, he eventually became a Hollywood powerhouse with a string of successful franchises.

However, a noticeable shift occurred in Johnson’s box office performance recently. His movies, which used to guarantee strong returns, began to struggle. This trend started with the underperforming Jungle Cruise in 2021, followed by Black Adam, which failed to meet expectations despite high anticipation. Even his voice role in DC League of Super Pets couldn’t reverse this commercial decline. Recognizing this, Johnson is returning to the Fast & Furious franchise, but a live-action Moana could potentially revitalize his career.

The original Moana, while not as successful as Frozen, still earned substantial profits for Disney, making a live-action adaptation a logical choice. If Johnson reprises his role as Maui, it could become one of his biggest hits in recent years. Disney’s track record with live-action adaptations, like The Little Mermaid and The Jungle Book, shows their potential, and Moana’s strong storyline could translate well to the format, potentially propelling Johnson’s career to new heights.

Furthermore, revisiting the role of Maui could offer Johnson one of his best opportunities in years. His recent characters and roles received mixed reviews, but Maui is a compelling character with which he already has experience. Portraying Maui’s larger-than-life persona and confidence could suit Johnson well, potentially revitalizing his career.

However, the success of the live-action Moana depends on whether it can differentiate itself from other Disney adaptations. While Disney has excelled in spectacle and nostalgia, it often struggles to bring fresh perspectives to these beloved stories. If the live-action Moana can offer a compelling reason for its existence and captivate audiences as the animated version did, it could rejuvenate Johnson’s career. Otherwise, it might contribute to the trend of underwhelming Disney live-action adaptations and harm Johnson’s status as a leading actor in Hollywood. Hopefully, Moana’s live-action adaptation can recapture the original’s magic and positively impact The Rock’s career.

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