Exciting ‘Encanto’ Attraction Takes Center Stage at Disney World

Mirabel Madrigal and Isabela Madrigal holding hands during the "What Else Can I Do" Musical number on Disney's Encanto

If you’re an Encanto fan, get ready for an immersive experience as these beloved characters are taking over Disney Parks!

Back on November 24, 2021, Walt Disney Animation Studios released its 60th feature film, Encanto, which introduced us to the charming world of the Madrigal family, featuring memorable characters like Mirabel Madrigal (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz). Soon after its release, we saw Mirabel making appearances at Disneyland Resort, delighting Guests with meet and greets. Now, she’s a permanent fixture at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Encanto, with its enchanting music composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and featuring the voices of talented actors like John Leguizamo and Wilmer Valderrama, quickly won the hearts of audiences. Songs like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” “The Family Madrigal,” “Surface Pressure,” and “What Else Can I Do?” became instant classics and even went viral on platforms like TikTok. The film’s music even received an Oscar nomination.

As the film gained immense popularity, Disney wasted no time incorporating Encanto into its theme parks. At Disneyland, the beloved “it’s a small world” attraction received an Encanto overlay. Additionally, the film made its mark in shows like Fantasmic! at Walt Disney World Resort and World of Color – ONE at Disney California Adventure.

Encanto performed Live

Given Encanto’s rapid rise among Disney fans, it’s no surprise that Disney wanted to bring the magic of this film to its parks. Mirabel, the film’s young hero, became a popular character to meet at Frontierland’s Zocalo Park at Disneyland. Disney World visitors got to enjoy an Encanto-inspired booth at EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival in 2022, featuring topiaries reminiscent of Isabella from the film. In 2023, during EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival, Encanto took over the entrance topiary section of the park, further cementing its presence.

Currently, Disney World is celebrating EPCOT’s International Food and Wine Festival, and Encanto is at the forefront of the festivities. Guests can find a range of Food and Wine merchandise featuring Encanto, including casita trays and Mirabel-themed aprons. Disney’s website even has a dedicated “Disney Encanto Collection” section, inviting fans to celebrate the magical Madrigal family with themed merchandise.

Moreover, Disney fans have something extra special to look forward to during Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month, starting on September 15. Magic Kingdom will introduce Bruno to the theme parks, and Guests can enjoy meet and greets with Mirabel. Mirabel will meet visitors in the Fairytale Garden, while Bruno will join the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade, which also features Mirabel.

Sleeping Beauty Castle with Encanto Overlay for Wondrous Journeys, New Disney Nighttime spectacular

All of these exciting attractions and offerings will kick off on September 15, celebrating the cultural richness and magic of Encanto.

As for the much-anticipated Encanto 2, there have been hints about its development. While Stephanie Beatriz, who voiced Mirabel, expressed her desire to reprise her role, she also mentioned that the creative team was currently occupied with other projects, such as the sequel to Zootopia. However, given Encanto’s positive reception, it’s safe to assume that a sequel may not be far behind.

Encanto’s story revolves around the extraordinary Madrigal family, blessed with magical gifts, living in a vibrant Colombian town called Encanto. Mirabel, the only one without a unique gift, becomes their last hope when she discovers that the magic surrounding Encanto is in jeopardy. This heartwarming tale has touched the hearts of many and continues to enchant audiences through Disney’s theme park experiences and merchandise.

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