Fairy Tail: Takeover Magic explained

Fairy Tail is an anime series that explores the world of magic and its different forms. One of the most powerful yet dangerous types of magic is Take Over Magic, which allows the caster to take over the power or body of another entity. Mirajane Strauss, one of the earliest members of Fairy Tail introduced in the anime, possesses this magic along with her two siblings. The three of them were known as the Take Over Siblings, but by the time Lucy, the main character, meets them, only two siblings remain, and neither is able or willing to attempt complete Take Over Magic anymore.

Throughout the series, Lucy and Natsu’s main goal is to find Natsu’s lost dragon father, Igneel. Along the way, they team up with other members, including Erza and Gray, while encountering various types of magic. Although none of the Strauss family officially join the team, their backstory and magic become the centerpieces of more than a few episodes, making it one of the more deeply explored types of magic in the early seasons of the show.

There are currently five known forms of Take Over Magic: Beast, Animal, Satan, Machina, and God. Each form allows the user to transform into creatures fitting into that category. However, physical contact with the creature they wish to transform into is required, and they must also truly know them to be granted the abilities of that creature. While there does not appear to be a limit upon how many forms a mage can know, it is not an easily mastered form of magic as demonstrated by the Strauss family.

Elfman practices Beast Take Over Magic, which enables him to transform into the various magical creatures that he fights, with the most notable being the one that they simply call “the beast.” Lisanna, on the other hand, uses Animal Take Over Magic, which provides her with more versatility as it is easier to record animal forms than beast forms. Unfortunately, it is not known how exactly she was able to record the forms.

Mirajane, the most prominent user of Take Over Magic, uses Satan Take Over Magic, allowing her to take over the forms of various demons. She notes that in order to use this type of magic, one must possess Demon Factor, although it is unclear how she acquired this factor since none of her siblings possess it. Little is known about the last two forms of Take Over Magic. The first allows the user to conjure battle armor similar to Erza’s Requip, though she does so through contact with machinery. The other form, God Take Over Magic, enables the user to take on the form and abilities of a God. The only known example of this form is Chronos and Dimaria.

Take Over Magic is an incredibly powerful form of magic, but it also comes with dire consequences should the magic user fail in their bid to take over an opponent. Unlike most other forms of magic, the consequences tend to be dire for those around them and not to themselves, as demonstrated by Elfman and Lisanna. However, if used correctly, it provides the user with incredible versatility and ample opportunity for creative combat strategies.

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