Fire Force season 3 update

Speculating the release of Fire Force Season 3 (Image via David Productions)

Fire Force is a popular shonen anime and manga series that is well-known for its character designs and fight scenes. The manga has already finished, and two seasons of the anime have been produced. However, there is no official update regarding the release date of the upcoming season.

Fire Force season 3 was confirmed on May 16, 2022, through the official Twitter account of the series. But the production progress update is yet to be revealed to the fans. Based on the previous release schedule, fans had speculated that the third season would air by early 2023. However, it seems unlikely because the animation studio responsible for the first two seasons, David Productions, is currently working on another anime series, Undead Unluck, which will debut this year.

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As a result, there are two possible scenarios for the release of season 3. Either a different studio will animate it, and it will air by the end of 2023, or David Productions will animate it, and it will be released sometime in July 2024. Since the series has a history of releasing its anime adaptations in the summer, it is highly likely that the third season will follow suit.

Fans have expressed concern over the possibility of changing studios. While other animation studios have the potential to do a good job, many hope that David Productions will remain responsible for the upcoming season. Additionally, fans can start reading the manga from chapter 175 if they want to get a head start before the third season airs.

Company 8 from the series (Image via David Productions)

In conclusion, Fire Force fans should wait for official updates on the release date of season 3. As the year progresses, more anime and manga updates will be released, so stay tuned for more information.

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