Former Agents of SHIELD Star Shares Reasons for Not Wanting to Return to Marvel

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The prospect of a return to the Marvel Universe seems remote for a key figure from ABC’s Agents of SHIELD. Despite being the inaugural serialized TV show within the Marvel universe post the MCU’s initiation, Agents of SHIELD’s canonical status has been a subject of ambiguity, given certain narrative trajectories that appeared to diverge from the primary MCU timeline. Natalia Cordova-Buckley, known for her portrayal of Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez, recently shared insights in an interview, indicating that she does not harbor aspirations for a comeback to the Marvel universe.

In the interview conducted by Josh Wilding for her new movie, The Portrait, Cordova-Buckley expressed a profound satisfaction with her tenure on Agents of SHIELD, highlighting the personal and artistic significance of her role as Yo-Yo. She conveyed an emotional attachment to the character, mentioning how Yo-Yo holds a special place in her heart and played a pivotal role in jumpstarting her career. Reflecting on the magical experience of being part of the expansive Marvel franchise, she acknowledged the role’s perfect timing, especially as it marked the beginning of her career in the United States.

While recognizing that the role of Yo-Yo was ideal for that specific period, Cordova-Buckley now steers her focus towards independent films and projects that involve craft work. Her preference leans towards roles that allow for creative exploration and depth, as opposed to being confined to the constraints of a major franchise. She candidly expressed reservations about the potential limitations that large franchise roles might impose on actors, emphasizing her desire to engage in projects that offer more nuanced character development.

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Grateful for the opportunity to have portrayed a superhero, Cordova-Buckley conveyed a sense of closure, mentioning that she had five fulfilling years embodying the character of Yo-Yo. In a gracious acknowledgment, she suggested that the mantle could be passed on to another actor, highlighting her contentment with the conclusion of her superhero journey. This sentiment echoes the notion of concluding a beautiful relationship that fulfilled its potential.

Interestingly, the interview also touched upon the fates of other Agents of SHIELD cast members in the MCU. While Clark Gregg, who portrayed Agent Phil Coulson, made a flashback appearance in 2019’s Captain Marvel, he remains the only actor from the series to return to the MCU since its debut in 2013.

The uncertain canonical status of Agents of SHIELD raises doubts about the possibility of its characters seamlessly integrating into the MCU’s cinematic adventures. Despite occasional rumors, such as the speculation surrounding Chloe Bennet’s potential return for 2023’s Secret Invasion, none materialized, reinforcing the complexities of aligning the show with the broader MCU narrative.

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In contrast, Ghost Rider actor Gabriel Luna has expressed a keen interest in reprising his role as the supernatural antihero. However, as of now, no official plans have been disclosed regarding the character’s debut in the MCU.

As the MCU delves deeper into the complexities of the Multiverse, particularly within the ongoing Multiverse Saga, the role and relevance of shows like Agents of SHIELD within the grand Marvel landscape remain uncertain. Moreover, Marvel’s evolving strategy for Disney+ shows, pivoting towards multi-season serialized TV programs, opens up the possibility for ground-level shows like Agents of SHIELD to find renewed life in some form.

For those interested in revisiting the entirety of Agents of SHIELD, all seven seasons of the series are available for streaming on Disney+

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