GT proves Yamcha is not as weak as Dragon Ball fans perceive him to be

The article discusses the infamous reputation of Yamcha, a character from the Dragon Ball anime series. While Yamcha has long been considered one of the most pathetic and disappointing characters in the Dragon Ball universe, the article argues that fans have been too harsh on him. According to the author, Yamcha isn’t as weak and pathetic as fans believe, and this is proven by an episode of Dragon Ball GT.

The article points out that Yamcha started out as a cool and badass character in the early days of Dragon Ball. He was a desert bandit with impressive martial arts skills and a signature move called the Wolf Fang Fist. However, his reputation suffered a major blow when he was killed by a Saibaman, a weak enemy that was easily defeated by other characters. This event has been the source of much mockery and ridicule towards Yamcha.

However, the article argues that fans have misunderstood the true strength of the Saibamen. In an episode of Dragon Ball GT, the Saibamen are portrayed as a legitimate threat to the world, capable of causing widespread destruction and horror. They are even compared to other major villains in the series, such as King Piccolo and Cell. This portrayal of the Saibamen proves that they are stronger than fans had previously assumed, and therefore, Yamcha’s death at their hands was not as pathetic as fans had believed.

Despite this revelation, the article acknowledges that Yamcha is still a frustratingly disappointing character. He is seen as lazy and unwilling to put in the effort to make himself stronger. While Yamcha may not be as weak as fans believe, he still has a long way to go to redeem himself in the eyes of the Dragon Ball community.

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