Hunter x Hunter justifies weakest Phantom Troupe member

In the latest chapter of Hunter x Hunter, fans are thrilled to witness the long-awaited character development of Uvogin, the Phantom Troupe’s least captivating member. As one of the most formidable groups of antagonists in Shonen manga, the Phantom Troupe has consistently enthralled readers with their complex dynamics and intriguing backstories. However, Uvogin, who has often been overshadowed by his fellow Troupe members, is now receiving the attention he deserves, adding depth to his character and enhancing the overall narrative of the series.

During the Yorknew City arc, the Phantom Troupe emerged as the primary antagonists, and their heinous act of slaughtering Kurapika’s people resonated deeply with readers. Kurapika’s unwavering determination to avenge his fallen brethren by hunting down each Troupe member became a central aspect of his character. In a display of his immense power, Kurapika confronted Uvogin in a one-on-one battle, easily defeating the formidable foe. While this encounter served a crucial narrative purpose, it relegated Uvogin to a mere plot device, lacking the complexity and depth found in his fellow Troupe members.

However, the latest chapters of Hunter x Hunter, specifically chapters 395 and 396, delve into the origins of the Phantom Troupe, presenting their childhood experiences in the dystopian Meteor City. Uvogin is depicted as an aggressive and belligerent child, mirroring his portrayal in the Yorknew City arc. However, a significant turning point occurs in chapter 396 when Uvogin witnesses Chrollo and his friends dubbing over Hunter x Hunter’s version of the Power Rangers. In this moment of revelation, Uvogin realizes that life holds more than just relentless fighting, prompting him to approach Chrollo with the desire to join his acting troupe. However, his immense pride prevents him from directly expressing his intentions, resulting in a heartwarming scene where another child must act as an intermediary to convey Uvogin’s desires to Chrollo.

This Phantom Troupe flashback not only humanizes Uvogin but also elevates his character beyond the confines of his previous portrayal. His awkward mannerisms and childlike passion for acting add depth and complexity to his persona, making him a more compelling and relatable character. Furthermore, this newfound understanding of Uvogin’s backstory imbues his tragic demise in the Yorknew City arc with greater poignancy, eliciting a stronger emotional response from readers.

Additionally, the Phantom Troupe flashback serves to develop other deceased members, such as Pakunoda, further enhancing the impact and context of the Yorknew City arc. It showcases the effectiveness of a well-crafted flashback that not only provides captivating insights into a manga’s characters but also enriches past events, making them more resonant and significant. With its seamless execution, Hunter x Hunter continues to captivate fans, and these recent chapters stand out as some of the most satisfying since the manga’s return.

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