Hunter X Hunter viewing guide: Anime and movie watch order

Hunter X Hunter watch order for the 2011 and the movies (Image via Madhouse).

Anime enthusiasts recognize the significance of following the proper Hunter X Hunter watch order, as the movies contribute a unique aspect to an already remarkable series. Hunter X Hunter is widely regarded as an exceptional anime series, featuring captivating characters and story arcs that leave fans craving for more content.

However, determining the correct watch order for Hunter X Hunter has often been perplexing for viewers. This article contains spoilers for the Hunter X Hunter series.

The recommended Hunter X Hunter watch order for the anime and movies is as follows:

The 2011 anime adaptation is a masterpiece (Image via Madhouse).
  1. The 2011 anime adaptation: The 2011 anime serves as the ideal starting point for the series and should be the first item in the Hunter X Hunter watch order. It provides an easy entry for many viewers, offering deeper insights into the characters, their motivations, and the world they inhabit, thereby enhancing the enjoyment of the movies.

The protagonist, Gon Freecs, is a cheerful boy who aspires to become a Hunter like his long-lost father and reunite with him. Along his journey, Gon encounters fellow candidates Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua, who become his friends. Together, they face numerous enemies and challenges.

What sets Hunter X Hunter apart is the masterful storytelling by author Yoshihiro Togashi, who takes conventional shonen tropes and subverts them, resulting in a complex and exhilarating series. Although it may initially appear cliché, Hunter X Hunter gradually evolves into something far more captivating. Starting with the anime is recommended to fully appreciate the accompanying content.

  1. Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge: Kurapika’s primary motivation for becoming a Hunter is to seek vengeance against the Phantom Troupe, a powerful terrorist group responsible for the massacre of his loved ones, the Kurta Clan. In the Phantom Rouge film, Kurapika’s coveted scarlet eyes are stolen, prompting Gon and Killua to assist him in his quest.

While this movie is not part of the canon storyline, it delves into Kurapika’s past and motivations, providing additional depth for fans. Furthermore, since Kurapika’s appearances in the anime are limited after the Yorknew arc, this movie offers an opportunity for fans to explore more content featuring this character.

Phantom Rouge deals a bit more with the character of Kurapika (Image via Madhouse).
  1. The Last Mission: The final component in the Hunter X Hunter watch order is The Last Mission, which offers intriguing insights into the Hunter Association’s history and its intricacies. Although not considered canon, like Phantom Rouge, this film explores the shadowy organization known as Shadow, once a part of the Hunter Association but now seeking revenge by targeting all Hunters.

The Last Mission presents a straightforward plot that expands upon the worldbuilding of the series, making it particularly appealing to newcomers and first-time viewers.

Hunter X Hunter stands as one of the most outstanding manga and anime series, featuring captivating characters, thought-provoking themes, engaging story arcs, and immersive worldbuilding. Every opportunity to watch the anime and movies should be cherished, as it is an experience that deserves to be enjoyed at least once.

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