Iman Vellani explains the difference between Young Avengers and Original Avengers

The Marvels star Iman Vellani delves into the potential of the Young Avengers within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), suggesting that this new generation of heroes has the capacity to surpass the original Avengers in various aspects. In an interview with Screen Rant, Vellani shares insights into the distinctive qualities of the Young Avengers, emphasizing their grounded perspective and heightened sensitivity to humanity compared to their adult counterparts.

Vellani suggests that the Young Avengers, including her character Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, bring a fresh perspective due to their upbringing in a world where superheroes are idols, and global threats are a constant reality. This unique background, according to Vellani, positions the Young Avengers to approach their superhero duties with a different understanding and a more profound connection to humanity. She notes, “They have perspectives that the older Avengers don’t, especially because they’ve had to deal with the repercussions, but they’re also fans of the older Avengers.”

Furthermore, Vellani envisions the Young Avengers as a team that can establish a new dynamic and functionality, surpassing the achievements of the original Avengers. She believes that this younger generation will have a better grasp of the value of human life, drawing from their personal relationships, school experiences, and connections with mentors and idols. Vellani explains, “They feel like the group that will understand humanity and the value of human life way more than I think the older group does because they’re in it, right? They have relationships there. They’re in school, they have their friends, they have their idols and their mentors. And I think all of those relationships will ground this group way more than we have mentors who’s a billionaire, and you got a guy who was frozen from the 1940s. So they’re definitely way more aware of reality.”

Addressing her character’s potential role in the Young Avengers, Vellani describes Kamala as a “natural-born leader” and envisions her as the “glue” that binds the team together. She believes that Kamala’s maturity, intelligence, and knowledge about being a superhero will contribute to setting a positive tone for the group.

Despite The Marvels facing challenges at the box office, with a lower-than-expected performance, Vellani maintains a positive outlook. She emphasizes that she is content with the finished product and values the enjoyment of those who watched the film. In light of the film’s themes of teamwork and sisterhood, she views The Marvels as a fun movie that can be shared with audiences, focusing on the positive aspects of the cinematic experience.

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As The Marvels continues its theatrical run, Iman Vellani remains optimistic about the impact and reception of the film, emphasizing the importance of shared enjoyment and the positive elements of the superhero narrative.

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