Inuyasha: Decoding Toga’s 3 Legendary Swords

Toga, a powerful yokai and the father of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, left behind three legendary swords that held significant roles in the world. Tessaiga was given to Inuyasha, Tenseiga to Sesshomaru, and So’unga was the third sword they had to confront. Each sword possessed unique properties, carefully chosen by Toga for his children.

In the Inuyasha anime, Kagome falls into a well and ends up in feudal Japan, teaming up with Inuyasha to collect the shards of the Shikon jewel. Throughout their journey, the relics left by Inuyasha’s father play a vital role.

Tessaiga, forged by the swordsmith Totosai from Toga’s fang, was known as the destructive sword capable of defeating hundreds in a single strike. In its dormant state, it appears as a damaged katana with limited power. However, when activated by Inuyasha, it transforms into a massive dadao saber-like weapon, resembling its original fang. Tessaiga has the ability to absorb abilities from defeated demons and can keep Inuyasha’s demon side in check.

Unfortunately, Tessaiga is later broken but is reforged by Totosai using Inuyasha’s own fang. This alteration makes the sword reliant on Inuyasha’s power instead of his father’s, making it sturdier but heavier.

Tenseiga, also crafted by Totosai from one of Toga’s fangs, is known as the sword of life. It has the rumored power to resurrect a hundred beings with a single stroke. However, it cannot harm the living but can affect beings from the realm of the dead. Originally, Tenseiga and Tessaiga were one sword, but they were split by Toga to prevent Inuyasha from possessing the dangerous ability to heal and resurrect the dead. Sesshomaru initially considered it useless since it couldn’t harm the living, but eventually accepted it when it gained the power to send enemies to the netherworld.

So’unga, the sword of calamity, was said to summon a hundred dead souls with one swing. Unlike Tessaiga and Tenseiga, it was not created by Toga or from his body. Its origins remain mysterious, with theories suggesting Toga acquired it to resolve conflicts between humans and demons or that it houses the soul of an ancient evil dragon. Notably, So’unga was inherently evil and would attempt to possess the minds of its wielders, corrupting humans and powerful demons alike. Only Toga could control the sword without succumbing to its influence, and even Inuyasha fell under its sway.

Each sword left by Toga possessed immense power and served distinct purposes. Tenseiga and Tessaiga were forged for his sons, with Tenseiga intended to teach Sesshomaru compassion and Tessaiga to help Inuyasha accept his human side and protect humans. So’unga was an unintentional inheritance, with Toga hoping that Inuyasha would become powerful enough to control it. Ultimately, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, together, defeated So’unga, fully embracing the lessons their father sought to impart.

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