Iron Man Villain Allegedly Found MCU Mutants 14 Years Ago, Claims X-Men Theory

Tony Stark in Iron Man 3 and the X-Men in Marvel Comics

An intriguing MCU fan theory proposes that the discovery of the X-Gene, which bestows mutants with their powers, may have occurred inadvertently by a Phase 2 Iron Man villain long before mutants were officially introduced.

This theory suggests that a Phase 2 antagonist stumbled upon the existence of the MCU’s mutant gene, offering a compelling explanation for the absence of mutants in the earlier phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While mutants have been conspicuously absent from much of the MCU’s narrative until Phases 4 and 5, subtle hints and appearances by characters from alternate universes have teased at their existence. However, the X-Gene itself has seemingly remained undiscovered within the MCU’s timeline.

Drawing parallels with Fox’s X-Men movie franchise and Marvel Comics, mutants in the source material owe their abilities to the X-Gene. Yet, despite the MCU being replete with scientific minds and groundbreaking discoveries, no such mutation has been observed. Instead, Iron Man 3 presents a curious notion that the MCU’s version of the X-Gene resides as an “empty slot” within the human brain.

Aldrich Killian Explains Extremis In Iron Man 3

In Iron Man 3, Aldrich Killian explains the Extremis project to Pepper Potts, describing the human brain as having an “empty slot” that suggests potential for genetic upgrades. The Extremis experiment grants subjects abilities such as enhanced healing, super strength, and even pyrokinetic powers. The continuation of such experiments could lead to significant revelations about this enigmatic aspect of human biology.

The discovery of this dormant X-Gene and the circumstances surrounding its deactivation could serve as a significant plot point in future X-Men movies within the MCU. Further experiments could explore different approaches to activating this dormant potential, potentially unlocking a wide array of superpowers reminiscent of those possessed by mutants in the comics and X-Men movies.

The MCU has subtly teased the existence of the X-Gene through various characters and storylines. Notably, Aldrich Killian appears to be the earliest character to uncover the untapped potential within the human body. Other instances, such as Wolfgang von Strucker’s genetic experiments and Kamala Khan’s mutation activation, suggest that external influences can awaken dormant abilities, similar to the concept of the X-Gene.

Large group of Marvel's Mutants standing around

This theory supports the idea that many MCU superhumans may have gained their powers through external sources that activated their latent mutations. Characters like Carol Danvers and Bruce Banner may have been genetically predisposed to absorbing energy or developing an alter ego, with external events serving as catalysts for their transformation.

However, it’s important to note that the MCU’s interpretation of the mutant gene cannot directly mirror its comic book counterpart. In the MCU, it appears that the X-Gene must be activated artificially for mutants to emerge, potentially through advanced experiments stemming from Extremis and other sources.

This nuanced approach to the X-Gene in the MCU offers a fresh perspective on the origins of superpowers and sets the stage for the introduction of mutants in future MCU installments.

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