Is Gas from Dragon Ball Super considered the most terrible villain in the entire series?

Although Gas is not the greatest primary antagonist in Dragon Ball’s history, he may possess enough qualities to avoid being the worst.

The Dragon Ball franchise is known for its memorable villains, both big and small. Each antagonist brings something unique and entertaining to the table, whether it’s their formidable strength, distinct personalities, or their role in the overall story. However, some villains stand out more than others, leaving fans wondering where the latest antagonist from Dragon Ball Super, Gas, falls in the rankings.

Gas is the primary antagonist in the Granolah the Survivor Saga, and unfortunately, he falls short when compared to the other villains in the franchise. Fans find him lackluster and uninteresting, which is especially problematic given his crucial role in the story. However, while Gas might not be the best villain in the Dragon Ball series, he still has some redeeming qualities that prevent him from being the worst.

One of Gas’s most notable characteristics is his fragile ego. He is obsessed with his own strength and superiority, which makes him particularly vulnerable to anyone who challenges his power. Whether it’s Granolah, Bardock, or Goku, Gas despises anyone who might threaten his standing as the most powerful being around. This insecurity serves as both his driving force and his fatal flaw, and it adds an element of humor to his character. In a series where nearly every fighter is a trash-talker, Gas’s delicate ego makes him an easy target for ridicule and mockery.

While Gas’s personality might seem standard to fans of the franchise, his relationship with his family, particularly Elec, adds depth to his character. Elec is the brains of the operation, and he manipulates Gas by feeding his ego, which keeps him loyal and prevents him from going berserk. Their partnership is similar to other memorable villain duos in the Dragon Ball series, such as Paragus and Broly or Babidi and Majin Buu. This dynamic makes Gas more interesting to watch, even if his motives and plans aren’t particularly complex.

Additionally, Gas possesses a unique ability by Dragon Ball standards. He can use his energy to create various tools and weapons, which sets him apart from other villains who rely on energy blasts and beam attacks. Watching Gas fight is a rare spectacle for Dragon Ball audiences, which adds to his intrigue and memorability as a character.

When compared to other Dragon Ball villains, Gas might not be the best, but he’s far from being the worst. There are other villains in the franchise who, despite having more significant roles, are less interesting and memorable than Gas. Characters like Jiren and various fighters from the Tournament of Power, the top brass of the Red Ribbon Army, and certain forms of Majin Buu all leave something to be desired when it comes to their development as characters. If one looks beyond the canon of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super, there are even worse villains to be found in the movies, such as Bojack and Bio Broly. These characters all suffer from issues like wasted potential, one-dimensional personalities, or simply being uninteresting, which is not the case with Gas.

Overall, while Gas might not be the best Dragon Ball villain, he still has enough qualities to make him interesting and memorable. Fans are eagerly waiting to see him adapted into the anime, and despite his shortcomings, he’s still a worthwhile addition to the franchise.

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