Is ‘The Incredibles 3’ in the Works? What We’ve Heard

The anticipation for “Incredibles 3,” the potential sequel to Pixar’s beloved “Incredibles” franchise, is running high among fans. The first installment, “The Incredibles,” was an instant classic when it debuted in 2004, introducing audiences to the superheroic Parr family and their struggles to blend into suburban life while secretly fighting crime. The sequel, “Incredibles 2,” took 14 years to reach the big screen, arriving in 2018 to much excitement, and picking up the story right where the first film left off.

However, as fans eagerly await news about a third installment, many questions linger. Will “Incredibles 3” ever happen, and if so, when can we expect it? What’s next for the Parr family?

“Incredibles 3” is a highly anticipated Pixar movie, largely due to its status as one of the animation studio’s most franchise-friendly creations. The superhero genre has evolved significantly since the release of the first film, and superheroes are now an integral part of the cinematic landscape, powering massive shared universes. The appeal of the Parr family’s super-powered adventures in this new era is undeniable, making “Incredibles 3” a logical and exciting prospect.

The success of “Incredibles 2” further fuels speculation about the third installment. The movie grossed over $1.2 billion at the box office, making it one of Pixar’s highest-grossing films. Its popularity suggests a strong demand for more adventures with the Parr family.

Nevertheless, Pixar is known for its meticulous animation production process and has a history of canceling projects that don’t meet their high standards. This implies that “Incredibles 3” might take some time before it becomes a reality, if it ever does.

In recent years, there hasn’t been much official news about “Incredibles 3.” However, Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, announced in a February 2023 earnings call that Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios are planning to focus more on sequels and franchises. This announcement included the development of movies like “Frozen 3,” “Zootopia 2,” and “Toy Story 5.” While “Incredibles 3” wasn’t mentioned, the IP-driven nature of Hollywood and Disney’s emphasis on successful franchises indicate that the studio may push for another installment, especially after the financial success of “Incredibles 2.”

The shift in Pixar’s strategy toward sequels comes after the studio faced financial challenges, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on theatrical releases. The success of “Incredibles 2” and “Toy Story 4,” both of which grossed over $1 billion, has highlighted the appeal of revisiting beloved franchises. While Pixar had initially been focusing on original stories, the return to established franchises could be a strategic move to boost the studio’s financial stability.

“Incredibles 2” concluded with the Supers legalized and the Parr family openly fighting villains. This new status quo opens up fresh opportunities for the franchise, allowing it to explore different narratives and character development. The film’s after-credits tease featuring the villain Underminer suggests a potential direction for “Incredibles 3.”

If “Incredibles 3” does become a reality, fans hope for a time jump that would allow the characters to naturally evolve and face new challenges. A time jump could introduce themes of family dynamics and growing up, which have been central to the series. While the first two films explored the Parr children as adolescents, a time jump would provide room for their characters to grow further and face different issues.

On the other hand, the heart of “The Incredibles” franchise is its unique take on superheroics. The sequel, “Incredibles 2,” largely stuck to the world established in the first film, avoiding some of the genre developments seen in the cinematic superhero landscape since the original’s release. However, as the superhero genre has evolved over the past two decades, “Incredibles 3” might explore new directions and tonal shifts that reflect these changes. A more complex exploration of the superhero genre could add depth to the franchise.

Despite all the speculation and anticipation, the official status of “Incredibles 3” remains uncertain. While the director of the first two films, Brad Bird, hasn’t ruled out the possibility of continuing the story, no official confirmation has been provided. Pixar has also been relatively silent about the future of “The Incredibles” franchise, with Disney+ focusing on spinoffs and continuations of other Pixar properties.

The timeline for “Incredibles 3” remains unclear, but if it follows a similar production schedule as “Incredibles 2,” fans may have to wait several years for its release. While Pixar has reserved a few release dates for untitled animated films, the project’s official announcement and development timeline will determine when audiences can expect to see the Parr family return to the big screen.

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