Jennifer Lee, the “Frozen” writer and director, won’t be as involved in “Frozen 3

'Frozen' Writer & Director Jennifer Lee Reveals She's Not As Involved in 'Frozen 3'

Jennifer Lee, the accomplished writer and director behind the beloved “Frozen” franchise, recently revealed that she won’t be leading the creative process for the highly anticipated third installment of the series. As the Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios, Jennifer shared her insights on the new movie and her limited involvement in it during an interview at the prestigious 2023 Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Despite co-writing, co-directing, and producing both “Frozen” films, Jennifer disclosed that the direction for “Frozen 3” did not originate from her. Instead, she expressed her admiration for an exceptional individual whose vision has inspired the upcoming film. This surprising revelation highlights the collaborative nature of the creative process within the studio.

While Jennifer won’t be taking on the roles of writer and director for the third film, she emphasized that she will still be part of the project in some capacity, possibly in an advisory or mentorship role. Drawing from her experience and expertise, Jennifer will continue to contribute to the movie, albeit in a different capacity.

Jennifer acknowledged the unique dynamic within the studio and the deep connection the artists have with the “Frozen” world. Many of the talented individuals involved in the production grew up with the franchise and have been actively engaged with its development from the beginning. Their shared ownership of the characters and the story ensures a heartfelt and authentic continuation of the beloved Frozen universe.

While Jennifer’s focus may temporarily shift away from “Frozen 3,” she remains an integral part of the Disney creative team. Currently, she is involved as a screenwriter for the upcoming Disney movie, Wish! Her multifaceted involvement across various projects showcases her versatility and dedication to storytelling.

Beyond her professional commitments, Jennifer recently took time to visit the West End production of Frozen: The Musical. During her visit, she had the opportunity to meet and pose with the talented cast, including stars Samantha Barks and Emily Lane, as well as the entire company. Her presence at the musical production highlights her ongoing connection to the enduring magic of “Frozen” and her continued support for its expansion into other creative mediums.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Frozen 3,” Jennifer’s revelation adds an intriguing layer of anticipation and curiosity surrounding the new direction and creative vision that will shape the next chapter of this beloved animated franchise.

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