JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime’s distinctive style has a clever reason behind it

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, the popular manga series turned anime, has become known for its unconventional use of color. While the series is often praised for its flamboyant and striking coloration, many wonder why the creators decided to use such a unique style in the first place.

The use of different color palettes is actually an established feature of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise as a whole. Even in the earliest days of the manga, creator Hirohiko Araki would use different color combinations for the characters in each image, particularly in cover illustrations and color pages. In an interview with the Anime News Network in 2017, Araki explained that he wanted to “give readers different feelings and impressions through different color combinations.”

When the anime adaptation of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was created, the creators could have easily left out the unusual color shifts. However, the style had become such an integral part of the franchise that it felt wrong to abandon it. Instead, the creative team decided to use a set of approved palettes for the color shift scenes, inspired by Araki’s approach to color.

According to Naokatsu Tsuda, the creative director for the anime, the team wanted to maintain the shifting color schemes not only for their uniqueness but also to honor the fact that many long-time fans of the series had only ever read the manga in black and white. By using a variety of color palettes, more fans could see their favorite Jojo characters animated as they had once imagined them.

The use of color in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is not only unique but also serves a purpose in storytelling. In the anime, the color palette shifts are often associated with moments of uncertainty or doubt for the characters, both heroes and villains. The immediate change in color conveys a sense of instability and unease to the audience, without the need for excessive exposition or dialogue.

Overall, the use of unconventional color in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has become one of the defining features of the series. It adds to the unique feel of the franchise and provides a distinctive visual style that sets it apart from other anime series. While some fans may not immediately realize the significance of the color shifts, they are an integral part of what makes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure what it is today.

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