JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s reboot confirms a significant theory

In an exciting development, Part 9 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, titled The JOJOLands, unveils new details about Rohan Kishibe, one of the series’ beloved characters, and sheds light on his connections with the pre-reboot JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure universe. This revelation has sparked a wave of speculation and discussion among fans, as it adds a fascinating layer to the ongoing saga.

The latest chapter of The JOJOLands, Chapter #3, takes readers on a thrilling adventure as a team of young criminals, led by Jodio Joestar, embarks on a mission to infiltrate a villa and steal a precious diamond. It is in this chapter that the mysterious owner of the diamond is revealed to be none other than Rohan Kishibe. However, given the intricate nature of Hirohiko Araki’s JoJo stories, which have unfolded across various parallel universes, it was initially unclear which version of Rohan this portrayal represented.

Chapter #3 of The JOJOLands provides a significant confirmation: Rohan is indeed the renowned mangaka who creates the in-universe series Pink Dark Boy. This revelation not only establishes Rohan’s identity but also establishes a crucial connection to the Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe short stories. Fans will recall that these standalone stories were believed to exist in their own universe, separate from the main JoJo continuity, particularly after the reboot that occurred after Part 6, Stone Ocean.

What makes this discovery truly remarkable is the mention of Bakin, Rohan’s loyal canine companion. Bakin made his first appearance in the Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe short stories and has now resurfaced in The JOJOLands. This detail reinforces the theory that the Rohan Kishibe depicted in The JOJOLands is the same character from the pre-reboot JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure universe, further intertwining the narratives and raising intriguing questions about the interconnectedness of the series.

Rohan Kishibe, known for his stand Heaven’s Door, which allows him to delve into the lives of others as if they were pages in a book, made his debut in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable. He quickly captured the hearts of fans and became a fan-favorite character. His popularity led to him being the protagonist of the Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe short stories, where he embarked on standalone adventures outside the main continuity. These stories provided fans with unique insights into Rohan’s character and showcased his incredible stand ability in bizarre situations.

The return of Rohan in Part 9, after his last appearance in Part 4, has generated considerable excitement within the fanbase. While many characters have reappeared in the rebooted JoJo universe, they have undergone significant changes in their appearance, powers, and backstories. However, Rohan’s portrayal in The JOJOLands closely resembles his previous iteration, not only in appearance but also in his profession as a mangaka. This striking similarity, coupled with the presence of Bakin, suggests a direct link between the pre-reboot JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure universe and the current continuity.

It’s important to note that Hirohiko Araki, the mastermind behind JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, enjoys crafting a multi-layered universe with twists and surprises. While there is no definitive confirmation that this Rohan is the same character from Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe, the overwhelming evidence and similarities strongly support the theory. As fans eagerly delve deeper into The JOJOLands and its unfolding narrative, they anticipate further revelations and connections that will enrich the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure experience.

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