JoJo’s Part 9 bucks series tradition with no Stands

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The JOJOLands is the latest installment of the popular manga series, and it’s already breaking a major tradition when it comes to the Stands of its protagonist. The first chapter introduces us to Jodio Joestar, a teenage gangster in Hawaii who dreams of becoming rich. Jodio’s gang appears to consist mainly, if not entirely, of Stand users, and Jodio’s Stand is called November Rain.

November Rain is a spider-like Stand that can bombard people with incredibly dense rain droplets. While we don’t know much about November Rain’s full capabilities at this point, we do know that it’s the first Stand of a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure protagonist that doesn’t resemble a human or any sort of bipedal creature. This is a major departure from the previous protagonists’ Stands, which were often humanoid in design.

Despite this departure, November Rain’s design fits perfectly with the current style of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Since Steel Ball Run, there have been fewer humanoid Stands in the series, with most fights focusing more on the abilities of the Stands rather than close-quarters combat. While humanoid Stands still exist, it’s clear that series creator Hirohiko Araki has moved away from making them the sole focus.

November Rain’s design also seems to fit Jodio’s character. The first chapter characterizes him as a villainous protagonist due to his occupation, arrogance, and volatile behavior. This is important because in previous JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure installments, it’s often the villainous characters who have grotesque or largely inhuman Stands. November Rain’s design could be seen as a representation of Jodio’s current role in The JOJOLands.

However, November Rain’s departure from previous protagonist Stands may not be permanent. In Steel Ball Run, the protagonist Johnny Joestar also had an inhuman Stand in Tusk, but Tusk was able to take on alternate forms called ACTs, and Tusk ACT 4 looked like a typical human Stand. It’s possible that November Rain could also have ACTs and gradually become more human-like until it becomes a fully humanoid Stand, like the Stands of other protagonists. This could tie into a hypothetical character arc for Jodio, with each new form symbolizing his growth into a more heroic figure that eventually peaks at a more traditional Stand.

Overall, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The JOJOLands is already shaping up to be a unique addition to the series, with a protagonist and Stand design that depart from the norm while still fitting perfectly within the current style of the series. It will be interesting to see how Jodio’s character and Stand evolve over the course of the series and whether November Rain will continue to break tradition or eventually become more like its predecessors.

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