Jujutsu Kaisen: The 3 biggest mysteries about “Curse King” Sukuna that not everyone knows

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Sukuna is both a Performer and a Reviled Soul

Satoru Gojo once clarified for Yuji about Sukuna, the way that Sukuna is both a Spellcaster and a Reviled Soul. In the cutting-edge universe of Spells, this appears to be unbelievable. There are exceptional individuals like Panda or Choso who obscure the line between Reviled Spirits and Magicians, however, nobody has at any point professed to be both. Ideally sooner rather than later, the creator will give a clarification of how an old Entertainer can turn into a Reviled Soul.

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Sukuna’s unique structure had four arms and four eyes
At the point when Gojo previously made sense of Sukuna, he was viewed as an old danger. Right now, Gojo clarified that Sukuna once governed the universe of spells with four clenched hands. Believe it or not, Sukuna’s unique structure had twenty fingers, four arms, and four eyes. There is still no obvious reason with regard to why Sukuna has such an extraordinary shape.
Sukuna’s reviled method can cut off foes with undetectable blows
Sukuna’s reviled strategies are as yet a secret to fans. Subsequent to seeing Sukuna release her reviled methods, we’ve just now inferred that it has something to do with cutting off adversaries with reviled energy. This capacity appeared to be befitting for somebody as awful as Sukuna.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Car Floor Mats, Gojo Satoru Art Car Floor Mats, Anime Car Accessories
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