Kirito and Leafa: Different Schools in Sword Art Online

The dynamic between Kirito and Leafa in Sword Art Online is an intriguing one. Despite being close in age and residing under the same roof as cousins, it may puzzle some fans as to why they attend different schools. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this intriguing arrangement.

Kirito and Suguha, commonly known as Leafa, share a unique familial bond. Raised together as siblings, one might assume that they would naturally attend the same school. However, when the morning arrives and they bid farewell to their shared residence, they head off to separate educational institutions. This peculiar situation warrants an explanation, particularly in light of Kirito’s distinctive circumstances.

To comprehend Kirito’s schooling situation, it is essential to consider the age difference between him and Leafa. At the onset of the Fairy Dance Arc, Kirito is 16 years old, while Leafa is 15. In accordance with Japanese standards, this would typically place Kirito in his first year of high school, while Leafa would be in her third year of middle school. Under normal circumstances, it might be expected that Leafa would eventually enroll in Kirito’s school by the start of the Phantom Bullet Arc, a year later. However, various factors contribute to their continued separation.

Kirito’s education experienced disruptions due to his two-year entrapment within the virtual world of SAO. Being unable to attend conventional classes during this period caused him to fall significantly behind in his studies. In order to bridge the gap and catch up to his peers who were not trapped in the game, Kirito required specialized lessons.

Enter the SAO Survivor School, officially known as the “Temporary School for Middle and High School Students Who Have Returned From SAO.” This institution caters to school-aged survivors of the life-threatening game created by Kayaba. Its primary objective is to provide education and support to these individuals, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to eventually pursue higher education.

The SAO Survivor School offers a remarkable level of accommodation for the survivors, given the traumatic nature of their experience. Unlike traditional Japanese schools, it does not impose entrance exams or conventional fees for education. Additionally, students are mandated to attend weekly counseling sessions to assess their mental well-being. Moreover, those who successfully graduate from this specialized institution are eligible to take college entrance exams. While this leniency within Japan’s stringent education system has sparked some controversy, the survivors are grateful for the charitable provisions extended to them.

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Fortunately, this arrangement does not pose a significant inconvenience for Kirito or Suguha. The schools they attend are in close proximity, enabling Kirito to pursue his education while still residing under the same roof as his cousin. This arrangement allows him to maintain a connection with Suguha, as well as spend time with Asuna and other virtual friends in the real world whenever he desires.

In summary, the divergence in Kirito and Leafa’s schooling arises from Kirito’s need for specialized education following his time trapped in SAO. The existence of the SAO Survivor School, with its unique support system, enables Kirito to bridge the educational gap and continue his academic journey alongside other survivors. The proximity of their respective schools facilitates a harmonious balance between their familial bond and individual educational pursuits.

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