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Gordon Shumway is an outsider from the planet Melmac who follows a beginner radio transmission to Earth and crash-lands into the carport of the Leather treaters, a rural working-class family who live in the San Fernando Valley area of California. The family comprises social laborer Willie (Max Wright), his significant other Kate (Anne Schedeen), their teen girl Lynn (Andrea Elson), more youthful child Brian (Benji Gregory), and their pet feline Fortunate (whom Gordon wishes to consume). Gordon is given the moniker ALF (“Outsider Living thing”) by Willie Leather expert.

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Uncertain what to do, the Leather experts bring ALF into their home and conceal him from the Outsider Team (part of the U.S. military gaining practical experience in outsiders) and their meddling neighbors Trevor and Raquel Ochmonek (John La Motta and Liz Sheridan) until ALF can fix his shuttle. He for the most part conceals in the kitchen. It is at last uncovered ALF’s home planet Melmac detonated, because of atomic conflict. In the season one episode “Pennsylvania 6-5000”, ALF attempts to persuade the Leader of the US to stop the atomic program, as ALF fears Earth could experience a destiny like Melmac’s, however misinterpreting his words makes the President and public safety call the FBI to capture Willie. ALF was off the planet when it was obliterated in light of the fact that he was essential for the Melmac Circle Watchman. ALF (a.k.a. Gordon Shumway) is destitute, however, isn’t the last overcomer of his species. He turns into a super durable individual from the family, in spite of the fact that his way of life shock, survivor culpability, general fatigue, misery, and depression regularly cause trouble for the Leather treaters. Notwithstanding the issues and bothers his presence brings into their lives, they develop to cherish him, however, a few episodes make it clear they are likewise terrified of how their lives would be flipped around on the off chance that news spread that he has been living with them.

Changes happen inside the Leather expert family throughout the span of the series, including the introduction of another youngster, Eric (the justification behind adding a child in the series being that Anne Schedeen was pregnant at that point); ALF’s move from his underlying quarters in the pantry to the storage room, which he and Willie changed over into a “condo” and the passing of Fortunate in season four’s “Live and Let Bite the dust”; in this occurrence, as ALF finds, in spite of his periodic endeavors to get Fortunate fully intent on making the feline a feast, as felines are what might be compared to steers on Melmac, he has come to cherish and regard the family pet a lot to do anything inappropriate with Fortunate’s remaining parts. At the point when ALF procures another feline with the plan of eating it, he really becomes partial to it and permits it to be embraced by the family, in spite of the fact that he owns up to the Leather experts he has turned into the most obviously terrible sort of Melmackian, a “feline darling”. In the 1996 film Task, ALF, which stars ALF after his catch by the USAF; the Leather treaters don’t show up they have migrated to Iceland.

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