New trailer for Sailor Moon Cosmos introduces glamorous villains

In the latest trailer for Sailor Moon Cosmos, the spotlight falls on the film’s glamorous villains led by Sailor Galaxia and her minions. This exciting preview offers a tantalizing glimpse of the evildoers’ stunning transformation sequences, leaving fans eager for the upcoming release.

The trailer, unveiled on the official YouTube channel for the Sailor Moon franchise, showcases the fashionably sinister members of Shadow Galactica, the malevolent empire ruled by Sailor Galaxia. Viewers are treated to captivating scenes of the villains’ mesmerizing transformation sequences and their powerful attacks. The trailer builds anticipation as it culminates in a climactic shot of Sailor Moon bravely confronting her ultimate enemy.

In addition to the exciting villain reveals, the trailer also confirms nine new additions to the voice cast. Sena Koizumi (known for Baki) lends her voice to Sailor Iron Mouse, Ayumu Murase (from The Case Study of Vanitas) portrays Sailor Aluminum Siren, Yōko Hikasa (recognized for her role in Berserk) takes on the role of Sailor Lead Crow, Haruka Kudō (seen in Bungo Stray Dogs) voices Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion, and Mariya Ise (known for Fairy Tail) brings Sailor Tin Nyanko to life. Shiori Mikami (from Attack on Titan) takes on the role of Sailor Lethe, while Kanae Itō (known for God Eater) voices Sailor Mnemosyne. Fumie Mizusawa (recognized for World Trigger) and Yuka Komatsu (from Haikyu!!) portray Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi, respectively.

Công bố Sailor Moon Cosmos - Thủy Thủ Mặt Trăng Movie cuối cùng và lịch  công chiếu toàn cầu!

Sailor Moon fans have been treated to multiple trailers, offering further insights into the highly anticipated duology of Sailor Moon Cosmos movies. Apart from introducing the captivating villains, another promotional video introduces viewers to the Sailor Starlights—Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Fighter, and Sailor Star Healer—who skillfully disguise themselves as a successful boy band by day and valiantly battle evildoers under the moonlight. Another trailer showcases the breathtaking transformation of the series’ protagonist, Usagi Tsukino, as she evolves from an ordinary middle school student into the ethereal and majestic winged Eternal Sailor Moon.

Divided into two movies, Sailor Moon Cosmos serves as a direct sequel to Sailor Moon Eternal, released in 2021, which expanded upon the narrative of Toei Animation’s rebooted anime, Sailor Moon Crystal. The upcoming movies delve into the captivating “Shadow Galactica” arc from Naoko Takeuchi’s iconic manga, wherein Sailor Moon and her numerous allies unite in a heroic quest to save the galaxy from the clutches of Sailor Galaxia. Part 1 of Sailor Moon Cosmos is set to make its debut in Japan on June 9, with Part 2 following on June 30.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie (Official Trailer 2) - YouTube

Naoko Takeuchi’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga series was published in Kodansha’s Nakayoshi from 1991 to 1997 and remains one of the best-selling manga of all time. Alongside renowned titles such as Tokyo Ghoul and Ace of Diamond, Sailor Moon holds a prominent place in manga history. The multimedia franchise spawned by Takeuchi’s creation continues to be a cultural cornerstone, captivating fans worldwide. Devoted enthusiasts express their love for the series by creating their own content, including impressive cosplays that fuse Sailor Moon with Marvel’s Moon Knight and striking illustrations portraying an alternate, villainous version of Usagi.

In North America, Takeuchi’s manga series is distributed by Kodansha Comics, enabling fans across the globe to immerse themselves in the timeless magic and captivating storytelling of Sailor Moon.

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