Nick Frost Joins Cast of Live-Action ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Film

In a thrilling development for the upcoming live-action adaptation of ‘How to Train Your Dragon,’ Nick Frost, known for his roles in the acclaimed ‘Cornetto Trilogy,’ has officially joined the cast. Frost is set to portray the character of Gobber the Belch in this highly anticipated project, helmed by Dean DeBlois and produced by Universal Pictures. The film is scheduled for a much-anticipated release on June 13, 2025.

Frost’s inclusion adds a dynamic touch to the ensemble cast, which already features the talented Mason Thames as Hiccup, Nico Parker as Astrid, and Gerard Butler reprising his role as Stoick. The casting choices promise to bring a perfect blend of experience and fresh talent to the iconic characters from the beloved ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ franchise.

The original animated film, based on the best-selling book series by Cressida Cowell, first took flight in 2010 and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. It garnered widespread acclaim, earning four Academy Award nominations and a Golden Globe Award for the second installment. Now, under the skilled direction of award-winning filmmaker Dean DeBlois, who successfully directed the animated trilogy, fans can anticipate an exciting transition to the live-action realm.

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Oscar nominee Marc Platt, renowned for his work on films like ‘La La Land,’ ‘Bridge of Spies,’ and ‘Trial Of The Chicago 7,’ is on board to produce for his Universal-based Marc Platt Productions. Joining him is Adam Siegel, President of Marc Platt Productions, ensuring a stellar production team for this highly anticipated project. Lexi Barta will oversee production development on behalf of Universal, contributing her expertise to the creative process.

Christian Manz, acclaimed for his work in the visual effects realm, is set as the production VFX supervisor. Framestore, a trusted name in the industry, is cited as an early VFX collaborator, promising a visually stunning and immersive experience for audiences.

As ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ prepares to soar into theaters on June 13, 2025, the combination of a stellar cast, seasoned filmmakers, and a rich source material sets the stage for an epic live-action adventure that will captivate both fans of the original animated series and new audiences alike.

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