Original ‘Star Wars’ script found at Harrison Ford’s London home goes up for auction after nearly 50 years

Star Wars script

A script from the iconic “Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope,” complete with deleted scenes and marking the first appearance of the beloved character Han Solo, is set to hit the auction block in the United Kingdom. The script, forgotten by none other than Harrison Ford himself, is said to have been accidentally left behind in Ford’s London flat back in 1976, during the filming of the groundbreaking movie. This piece of cinematic history will be auctioned by Excalibur Auctions on February 17.

The couple currently auctioning off the script were the homeowners of the London apartment where Ford temporarily resided. It was only after Ford moved out that they stumbled upon the treasure in the form of the fourth draft script, which is reported to be one of five revised drafts of the film. The script is notably unbound and incomplete, offering a unique glimpse into the evolution of the scriptwriting process for this cinematic masterpiece.

The script not only contains scenes and characters that ultimately did not make it into the final version of the film but also highlights the debut appearance of the iconic Han Solo on page 56, along with the notable chasm scene on page 88. Excalibur Auctions estimates the value of this prized script to be up to $13,000, making it an exciting centerpiece for the upcoming Collectors’ Cavern Auction.

Star Wars scripts page 68

Accompanying this significant script, other noteworthy items from Ford’s London flat will also be up for auction. Included in the lot are a pair of shooting schedules dated March 8, 1976, and April 23, 1976, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the film’s production. Additionally, a call sheet and various notes will be offered to eager bidders.

One particularly intriguing item up for auction is a handwritten note by Ford, featuring the intriguing words, “Browns Hotel, Dover St. Sunday 8th, Robert Watts, Roast Beef.” This note appears to reference a meeting between Ford and film producer Robert Watts. Another notable piece is a typed letter from Ford’s agent, discussing contracts and future film projects, offering a fascinating look into the actor’s career trajectory during that time.

The sellers, in communication with Excalibur Auctions, have shared fascinating anecdotes about their apartment, noting that Ford was an “ideal tenant” who brought joy to the household. They reminisce about a lively summer in 1976, during which Ford would join them for drinks in the garden and even attended their son’s birthday party. The sellers also revealed that their London apartment hosted other soon-to-be-famous visitors, including Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), making it a hub for ‘Star Wars’ royalty.

Harrison Ford in Star Wars

Excalibur Auctions auctioneer Jonathan Torode emphasizes the unparalleled opportunity this auction presents for avid ‘Star Wars’ fans, considering the unique backstory and the potential global interest. Torode describes the sale of the “Star Wars” script as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” anticipating significant enthusiasm and interest from enthusiasts worldwide.

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