Orion and the Dark’: DreamWorks’ New Film – Cast, Plot, and What We Know

DreamWorks has put together an impressive team for their latest animated project, suggesting a potential resurgence for the animation studio following the success of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. With recent releases like Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken and Trolls Band Together, DreamWorks is not only revisiting beloved franchises like Shrek and Kung Fu Panda but also venturing into new territory with projects like Fright Krewe.

However, one unexpected project has garnered considerable attention: Orion and the Dark. This film marks DreamWorks’ first collaboration with Netflix and boasts legendary screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, known for his groundbreaking work on films like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. This collaboration has already sparked high expectations, especially with its impressive cast and intriguing premise.

Starring Jacob Tremblay as Orion, Paul Walter Hauser as The Dark, and the iconic filmmaker Werner Herzog in a surprising role, Orion and the Dark promises to be a captivating animated adventure. The film is set to explore themes of fear and acceptance, taking audiences on a journey around the world to confront the unknown.

The Dark and Orion in a room in 'Orion and the Dark'

Scheduled for release on February 2, 2024, Orion and the Dark will join Netflix’s lineup of animated offerings for the year, which includes several other highly anticipated projects like In Your Dreams and Spellbound. While the film is expected to debut on Netflix, there’s speculation that it may also receive a theatrical release to qualify for prestigious awards like the Oscars.

With the recent release of the official trailer during Netflix’s “Geeked Week ’23” event, excitement for Orion and the Dark continues to grow. Alongside Tremblay, Hauser, and Herzog, the film features a talented crew, including director Sean Charmatz and screenwriter Emma Yarlett, whose children’s book serves as the basis for the film’s story.

Orion and the Dark

Overall, Orion and the Dark represents an exciting collaboration between DreamWorks and Netflix, bringing a beloved children’s book to life with stunning animation and a heartfelt narrative.

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