Overwatch 2 dev wants Dragon Ball Z hero crossover skins

Overwatch 2 has been known for its collaborations with other franchises, and the recent One Punch Man collaboration has been a huge success. With the positive reception from fans, the developers have revealed their interest in a possible Dragon Ball Z crossover next.

During an interview with Dexerto, Art Director Dion Rogers discussed the possibility of a Dragon Ball Z crossover event and which Overwatch heroes would cosplay as their DBZ counterparts. Rogers expressed his vision, saying, “I can see Roadhog as Majin Buu…Baptiste as Vegeta would be pretty amazing!” He added that it would be “funny” to see Zarya as Trunks, Winston as one of the Great Apes, and Kiriko as Bulma.

Interestingly, Baptiste already has some sprays that are Dragon Ball Easter Eggs, referencing the famous dubbed scene where Vegeta exclaims that Goku’s power level is “over 9000.” With this in mind, it’s clear that the developers have already thought about the potential for a Dragon Ball Z collaboration.

The crossover skins in Overwatch 2 allow the heroes to cosplay as characters from other franchises while maintaining their identity in the Overwatch universe. Although there is no official word on whether a Dragon Ball Z collaboration will actually happen, the developers have plenty of ideas if the opportunity arises. Despite being a dream at the moment, the idea of Overwatch and Dragon Ball Z colliding has certainly excited fans.

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