Pannacotta Fugo Makes Fiery Debut in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor this June

“Pannacotta Fugo Joins JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor as a Playable Character on June 7, 2023”

Bandai Namco’s arcade game, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor, is expanding its roster by adding Pannacotta Fugo from Golden Wind, the fifth part of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, as a playable character. The announcement was made on the official Last Survivor YouTube channel during the “6th Online Fan Meeting” live stream on May 31, 2023. Players can look forward to playing as Fugo when the update goes live on June 7, 2023.

Fugo’s addition to the game was highly anticipated, especially after a live stream event held by Bandai Namco in February 2023, where voice actors from the series played the game. During the event, Junya Enoki, the voice actor of Pannacotta Fugo, humorously expressed his disappointment at not having his character in the game. Now, fans can finally experience Fugo’s unique moveset and abilities.

Fugo’s moveset revolves around his Stand, Purple Haze, which generates poison capsules. The virus-inflicted damage bypasses shields and defense, gradually reducing the opponent’s health. However, Fugo and his allies are not immune to the virus. The effectiveness of the virus is influenced by sunlight, with longer-lasting effects in the Cairo stage where it is perpetually night.

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His skills include “Purple Rush,” where Purple Haze delivers a continuous barrage of punches, breaking capsules and releasing viruses upon hitting the enemy. “Killer Haze” allows Fugo to shoot poisonous capsules with a time-based reload mechanism. His ultimate skill, “‘Ferocious’ Nature,” triggers Purple Haze’s enraged state, significantly enhancing capsule regeneration speed, stamina recovery, rush speed, virus area range, and movement speed for a limited duration.

Fans can catch the reveal trailer and additional information about Pannacotta Fugo in the 6th Online Fan Meeting stream. Furthermore, a challenge event titled “How Ferocious!” will begin on June 7, 2023, and last until July 25, 2023, granting players access to a purple costume for Fugo. Details regarding the “Rohan Kishibe’s Adventure” challenge event, featuring new outfits for Rohan Kishibe and Yoshikage Kira, will be announced in mid-July.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor is a multiplayer battle royale game available in Japanese arcades. It was first announced in December 2018 and launched a year later. The game supports up to 20 players per match and features characters from Parts 3 to 6 of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. For more information, visit the official website or the wiki page.

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