Pixar could surpass Frozen 2’s $1.4 billion record with an unconfirmed sequel

Pixar has the potential to exceed Frozen 2’s box office record with an unconfirmed sequel, even as Disney maintains the highest-grossing animated film title with Frozen 2. Despite recent challenges at the box office, Pixar remains a notable studio, with successes like Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2 standing out. While some recent releases have struggled to meet expectations, Pixar’s legacy of critically acclaimed and commercially successful films continues to shape its trajectory.

In the context of the animated film landscape, Frozen 2’s phenomenal performance set a new benchmark for box office success, raking in a staggering $1.453 billion globally. Despite strong contenders like the Despicable Me series and The Super Mario Bros. Movie, no film has managed to surpass Frozen 2 in recent years. Although Pixar’s recent lineup might not seem competitive, the prospect of a specific sequel could disrupt this status quo.

The potential game-changer lies in the possibility of Incredibles 3. Building upon the triumph of Incredibles 2, which garnered $1.242 billion globally, the prospect of a third installment presents an opportunity for Pixar to aim for the box office crown. Incredibles 2’s success was attributed to its adherence to the beloved aspects of the original, such as the dynamic characters and high-energy action sequences, which were well-received by both critics and audiences alike. Should Incredibles 3 maintain this winning formula and elevate it further, the film stands a significant chance of overshadowing Frozen 2’s performance.

Despite the evident potential, Pixar’s approach to capitalizing on the success of the Incredibles series has remained relatively subdued. The franchise, consisting of just two films, has already grossed a remarkable $1.82 billion, leaving observers surprised by the studio’s cautious stance on further installments. While concerns about maintaining the series’ quality are understandable, the lure of potentially surpassing Frozen 2’s box office record presents a compelling argument for Pixar to consider a third entry in the Incredibles saga.

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